What To Do With Old Pool Noodles?

10 brilliant ways to repurpose a pool noodle
  1. Pool noodle sprinkler. Are you children begging to play in the water, but you don’t have the room for a pool? …
  2. Lake lounger. …
  3. Pool raft. …
  4. Floating pool cooler. …
  5. Horsing around. …
  6. Pool noodle games. …
  7. Coral reef. …
  8. Pool noodle door stops.

Everyone wants to do their part in helping our environment. Recycling is a big part of that effort. But how do you recycle foam pool noodles?.

Pool noodles are those fun tubes you use for exercise, your children use for water fun, or you see on camper slides to prevent people from hitting their heads.

The issue is that pool noodles eventually wear out, so you need to find a way to get rid of them while still being environmentally conscious.

Some materials are easily recycled and some take effort. Others can’t be traditionally recycled at all, including pool noodles.

Polyethylene foam, which is used to make pool noodles, is challenging to recycle. Recycling this product is possible, but not very common, according to GreenMax INTCO Recycling.

Polyethylene foam pool noodles are not typically offered because most local recycling facilities are not set up to handle them.

SO. You don’t just throw them into the lake or the recycling bin (unless your local government specifically states that they will dispose of your noodles for you in that case). ).

Step 7: Shapes for Press Painting

What To Do With Old Pool Noodles?

When kids get bored, they can have some fun making press paintings using shapes cut out of pool noodles.

How to do it:

1) Have an adult cut the pool noodles into various shapes.

2) Prepare a little bowl of paint and place the shapes inside.

3) Dip the shapes in the paint

4) Begin writing on a blank piece of paper to create a masterpiece.

Those colorful foam pool toys come in handy all around the house, garage and yard. And with a little ingenuity, they can be even more fun in the water.

What To Do With Old Pool Noodles?

The pool noodle is still the most common pool toy of all, even in a world of floating basketball hoops and donut-shaped rafts. But this common piece of foam is a DIY workhorse that is more than just a representation of summertime fun.

Step 9: Prevent Holes in the Wall

What To Do With Old Pool Noodles?

What To Do With Old Pool Noodles?

It applies the same principle for this one as it did for the prior use of pool noodles.

How to do it:

1) Adjust the pool noodle’s length so that it fits the chair’s height.

2) Slit open the side to make an opening

3) Set on a chair to prevent holes from being made in the wall by rocking.


Do pool noodles decompose?

Despite being the most affordable and straightforward method of construction, pool noodle foam is more likely to degrade after prolonged use than other types of foam.

Why would you use a pool noodle inside a drawer?

Cut enough 2-inch chunks of noodles with a sharp, non-serrated knife to make a sturdy layer at the bottom of your pot. This procedure is both easy and inexpensive. You probably only need a few inches of noodles for a smaller planter. Then, fill the pot with soil, and get to planting!.

How do I use pool noodles in my garden?

The pool noodle is a versatile product. Both as swimming gear and, more importantly, as pipe insulation can be done with it. They are a very good substitute for this purpose.

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