Where To Buy Flower Shaped Pool Noodles?

These inflatable pool noodles with tropical flower designs are sure to create a splash when added to summer party supplies for the luau celebration. These provide hours of entertainment during an outdoor warm-weather event, or they can be distributed as gifts or party favors. Get ready for a ton of relaxing floats or exciting water fights! Vinyl (6 pcs. Per unit) Inflated, 46 “x 5” diam.

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This 5-pack of pool noodles is made of high-quality foam, which makes them incredibly durable and ideal for outdoor recreation. Whether in a lake or a pool, these premium pool noodles offer excellent flotation for endless use. These foam noodles have a variety of uses, including arts and crafts and do-it-yourself projects. Excellent for padding, safety guards, or imaginative children’s toys, the foam tubes Use your imagination to think of even more uses. Even the fiercest pool sword fights can be used up by the soft but firm foam.

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