Where To Buy Udon Noodles In Grocery Store?

According to Morocco, there is no issue with taking the noodles out of the freezer and placing them right into a pot of boiling water. Though, take care to slightly undercook the noodles. To guarantee you get a slippery, tasty noodle bite, choosing udon noodles is even the first step you would take. If the noodles are overcooked and mushy, this won’t happen. When the noodles are at the firmness or suppleness you prefer, sample them frequently starting at 7 or 8 minutes after dropping them into the water.

Do not even consider bringing a package of dried udon noodles to the checkout counter. Sincerely, says senior food editor Chris Morocco, it’s not worth it. They can’t withstand rich, fatty sauces like the silky butter, kimchi, and gochujang creation in the picture at the top of this page because the packaged, dried versions are thinner and shorter. If all that’s available to you is dried udon rather than fresh or frozen, just buy spaghetti. You can’t get dried udon noodles to have that chewy, gummy texture.

Morocco suggests adding a tangle of udon to any soup or braise to transform a dish if you have a block of leftover udon noodles. Because the noodles don’t have a strong flavor, they’ll resemble the ingredients you’re already using. Morocco recently added them to thick, reduced chicken soup with chopped vegetables. You are essentially Michelangelo having these pillowy blank canvas noodles for dinner every night. He used Carrara marble, whereas you should use fresh or frozen (not dried!) udon noodles. Use your noodle and make this 20-minute.

More likely than not, you need frozen udon noodles. Theyre relatively ubiquitous in the freezer section at Asian grocery stores (shoutout to H-Mart, which is in several cities, and Sunrise Mart, which is where we get ours). Look out for brands like Twin Marquis and Shirakiku, if you can get them, but dont sweat the brand if you cant. Udon noodles are frozen in segmented blocks, so that when you bring it home, you can conveniently use however many servings you need and then freeze the rest.

Ideally, you want fresh (not frozen) udon. However, purchasing freshly made udon noodles is probably more difficult than purchasing a pair of Yeezy 350 sneakers. So difficult that in order to make that purchase possible, you would need to work out a special arrangement with a restaurant or a maker of handmade goods. If you can pull it off, consider yourself #blessed (please share your source with us).

What grocery stores sell udon noodles

Amazon– this is one of the largest online stores and you can find udon noodles there. They usually have different brands available. Buying on Amazon is very easy and convenient since it is an online store.

Walmart– you can find udon noodles at Walmart. They usually have brands like Ka-Me and Simply Asia. If there isn’t a Walmart in your neighborhood, use their online store locator to find the closest supermarket that carries udon noodles.

Target– at Target you can find udon noodles. Nasoya is one of the brands they typically carry, but you might get lucky and find other brands there as well. You can shop at Target’s online store as well.

Udon noodles are available at Kroger in the international aisle. Just visit their website to see if they have the udon noodles you’re looking for; they typically list all of their current offerings.

Udon noodles are available at Whole Foods Market, so you can always purchase there.

If there is a Publix in your neighborhood, you can buy udon noodles there. Nasoya and other brands are typically available, but you might be lucky enough to find others.

Asian markets: The likelihood that you will find udon noodles at your neighborhood Asian market is very high. Udon noodles are primarily used in Asian cuisines, which explains why.

If there is a Safeway store nearby, you can purchase udon noodles there. They usually have brands like Wel-pac and Fortune.

Udon noodles are sold at King Soopers, where you can typically find a variety of brands. You can always purchase udon noodles from the comfort of your home thanks to their online store.

Meijer– you can find udon noodles at Meijer. Among the brands they typically carry are Simply Asia and Ka-Me.

Udon noodles are available at H-E-B; typically, they carry Wel Pac and Ka-Me brands. Simply visit their website to see all the available brands if you’re looking for other brands.

Fred Meyer– at Fred Meyer you can find udon noodles. Fortune and Ka-Me are a couple of the brands they frequently carry.

You can always purchase udon noodles from Ralphs because they typically carry them.

Udon noodles are available at Piggly Wiggly, where brands like Roland and Ka-Me are frequently found.

Vons– at Vons you can find udon noodles. They usually have brands like Fortune and Wel-Pac. Simply visit their website to see the options if you’re looking for a specific brand.

Udon noodles are available at Hannaford, where they are frequently in stock.

Udon noodles are available at Albertsons, which typically carries Wel-Pac and Fortune brands.

Which section or aisle to find udon noodles in grocery store

Udon noodles are first available in the grocery store’s international aisle. They’ll be kept in a fridge with other Asian ingredients. You need to look carefully because dried udon can be found next to other Asian noodles.

Udon noodles can also be found in the grocery store’s frozen pasta aisle if you can’t find them in the previously mentioned area. In this aisle, udon noodles will be positioned close to the frozen pasta or precooked noodles.

The dry pasta aisle is the final location to look for udon noodles. You must search carefully in order to locate the dry udon noodles here.


What section are udon noodles in?

More likely than not, you need frozen udon noodles. They are comparatively common in Asian grocery stores’ freezer sections (special mention goes to Sunrise Mart, where we purchase ours, and H-Mart, which is located in several cities).

Are udon noodles refrigerated?

Since this product is shelf stable and has an 11-month shelf life, all udon products do not need to be frozen or refrigerated.

Are udon noodles frozen?

Japanese and Asian grocery stores, as well as the Asian section of major American grocery stores, sell udon noodles in dried, fresh, or frozen forms. Although dried noodles are practical, the best texture for udon noodles is fresh.

Are frozen udon noodles cooked?

Frozen udon noodles are already fully cooked. They only need to be heated all the way through to be prepared for eating.

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