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Born in Imperial Russia,[1] in 1902, one of eight or nine children born to Wolf Swerdlove (Swerdlov/Sverdlov; died 1949) and Yudis (aka “Julia” or “Judith”) Tilkin (or Tilken; died 1952), young Clara spent most of her early life in Chicago. Her father left Russia when he was being drafted for the second time, and they settled down in Illinois. Clara married at age 20 to a local jeweler, William Peller. They had a son (Leslie) and a daughter (Marlene), but later divorced. She never remarried. She worked for 35 years as a manicurist at a local Chicago beauty salon, and later moved to the suburban North Shore area to be near her daughter, Marlene Necheles.[citation needed]

At age 80, Peller was hired as a temporary manicurist for a television commercial set in a Chicago barbershop. Impressed by her no-nonsense manners and unique voice, the agency later asked her to sign a contract as an actress for the agency. Though hard of hearing and suffering from emphysema, which limited her ability to speak long lines of dialogue, Peller was quickly used in a number of TV spot advertisements. She first attracted attention as a comical cleaning lady in an advertisement for the new Massachusetts State Lottery game “Megabucks”,[3] and later nationally in a series of commercials for the Wendys restaurant chain.[4]

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wheres the beef actress

wheres the beef actress

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wheres the beef actress

The commercials featuring the “Where’s the Beef?” catchphrase starred Clara Peller, an 81-year-old actress, who delivered the line with her distinctive voice and comedic timing. Peller’s straightforward and humorous delivery further contributed to the campaign’s popularity.


What happened to Where’s the beef Lady?

I really found it!” Peller died at age 85 on 11 August 1987 in her native Chicago from congestive heart failure and coronary atherosclerosis.

Who played Where’s the beef?

The commercial itself is, at first glance, notable only for its simplicity: three elderly women inspect a hamburger that’s more bun than beef patty. Enraged, one of the women, played by Clara Peller, shouts the famous question: “Where’s the Beef?”

What company had the commercial Where’s the beef?

“Where’s the Beef?” debuted in a famous Wendy’s commercial from 1984, titled “Fluffy bun.” In the spot, a trio of elderly women is admiring a large hamburger bun, but their moods fall when they lift the top half and find a distressingly small beef patty.

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