Who Makes Pool Noodles?

Armacell makes North America’s Top Selling Pool Noodles

Available in a wide variety of high impact colors and exciting shapes, these durable toys are ideal for usage in pools and lakes, and they’re even popular for crafts.

PTI uses proprietary formulations to produce custom-engineered closed cell profiles in engineered foams made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and other materials that perform exceptionally well. Excellent physical qualities for thermal insulation, shock absorption, and sound dampening are present in these foams. Our foam is flexible, light, smooth, and soft but strong enough to withstand multiple impacts and scuffing.

PTI is an ISO-certified innovative foam manufacturer and designer of mattresses, furniture, toys, and fitness equipment as well as pipe insulation for HVAC and plumbing systems and packaging. We take advantage of cutting-edge technology to develop distinctive foam shapes and formulations, and we take pride in adjusting to your company’s needs while offering the industry’s quickest “concept to product” turnaround times.

PTI has produced packaging profiles made of cushioning and protective foam for over three decades. Our profiles are superior to cardboard alternatives and offer protection from scratches, dents, vibration, shock, and breakage for window and frame profiles as well as custom-engineered rounds, corners, and tubes. You can have peace of mind from PTI knowing that your products will be supported during shipping and storage.

Alcot Plastics Ltd. is one of the industry’s top producers of closed-cell extruded polyethylene foam products for a range of uses. Our global reach as a respected producer of polyethylene foam products has expanded from North America to the Far East with an eye toward ongoing improvement and expansion. Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a well-known pioneer in foam extrusion for the following three reasons:

Are Pool Noodles Used in Construction?

Foam swimming pool noodles can actually be used in construction. However, they are slightly different from your average pool noodle.

Since polyethylene foam is closed-cell, which means there is no middle hole to increase thickness, it is a sturdy material. For example, FoamNoodles. com provides a construction noodle that can be used for a variety of heavy-duty projects, including parking garages, highway joints, insulation requirements, and more. Their solid-core foam rods come in a variety of diameters to suit a variety of construction needs.

Pipe wrapping is a significant function of a pool noodle. They are inexpensive, available, and highly effective. Additionally, the bright pool noodles make pipes in high places visible, keeping you safe in case you trip over them. Foam noodles can be used to wrap pipes for a few reasons. They can keep pipes from freezing in the cold. Alternatively, refrain from touching the exposed hot pipes in the basement to avoid getting burned.


Where are pool noodles manufactured?

PTI is prepared to assist you with the needs of your current products or collaborate with you on the development of new products for a range of consumer applications and markets. All of our products, including pool noodles, fitness rollers, and cutting-edge, custom-designed profiles, are proudly made in the USA.

Who owns the pool noodle?

Steve Hartman is the president and CEO of Industrial Thermal Polymers, but he also has another claim to fame: He was the one who first realized that colorful foam tubes make a pretty entertaining pool toy. Thirty years ago, when Hartman first started his business with his father in Toronto, Canada, he created the pool noodle.

What is pool noodles made from?

Polyethylene foam, which is used to make pool noodles, is challenging to recycle.

Why are pool noodles called pool noodles?

The word “noodle” comes from the foam tube water toy known by the trademark FunNoodle from Jakks Pacific.

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