1995 Seadoo Xp Top Speed

The top speed of a Sea-Doo XP 700 was 50 mph under ideal conditions.

Sea-Doo XP Top Speed and Performance Specs

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the key Sea-Doo XP specs like top speeds, horsepowers and weights into one chart.

Sea-Doo XP Specs Chart

Generation Year cc HP Top Speed (mph) Weigth (lbs)
First 1991 587 55 45 365
First 1992 587 60 45 365
Second 1993 657 70 48 373
Second 1994 657x 80 48 412
Third 1995 717 85 50 412
Third 1995 787x 110 56 434
Third 1996 787 110 56 434
Fourth 1997 787 110 56 525
Fourth 1998 947 130 60 551
Fourth 1999 947 130 60 551
Fourth 2000 947 130 60 562
Fourth 2001 947 130 60 562
Fourth 2002 947 130 60 562
Fourth 2003 947 130 60 562
Fourth 2004 947 130 60 600

Disclaimer: Numbers are just for information purposes! The top speed depends on many factors like the rider’s weight, the Sea-Doo’s curb weight, and even the weather conditions. Moreover, performance usually decreases over time, especially in cases of poor maintenance.

1995 Seadoo Xp Top Speed

Sea-Doo XP Generations

You can learn all about the other models by following the links above!

Third Generation Sea-Doo XP (1995-1996)

The third generation Sea-Doo XP was introduced in 1995.

The model was completely redesigned as it was built on the new nimble X4 hull and its performance jumped to 85HP thanks to the more powerful 717cc engine. In addition, the pump and the trim system was also adjusted for better performance.

Finally, with this power source the 1995 Sea-Doo XP could reach a top speed of 50 mph under ideal conditions.

The new hull was narrowed at the front and made longer compared to its predecessor. For better handling the third generation XP already featured sponsons and the new electrical control system with a DESS key.

This new electrical system offered higher security and better engine monitoring, but also led to higher repair costs in case of malfunctions.

In the same year, the limited edition Sea-Doo XP 800 was also released. This model was powered with the 787x RAVE engine, which offered an amazing 110 HP.

This engine was in limited production. Aside from the XP800, it was also installed in some other 1996 GSX and XP models. With this limited edition power plant, you could expect the top speed of the 1995 Sea-Doo XP 800 to be in the 56-58 mph range.


How fast does a Seadoo XP go?

The top speed of a 1996 Sea-Doo XP 800 was 56-58 mph out of the box.

What is a 1996 Seadoo XP worth?

The motor & pump upgrades help the XP to reach speeds of 44 to 46 mph in magazine tests—the fastest of that time. The handling was characterized by the “lean out” riding style of all early Sea-Doos.

How fast does a 1994 Seadoo XP go?

The top speed of a 1994 Sea-Doo XP 657x was 48-50 mph under ideal conditions.

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