2 Cubic Feet Potting Soil To Quarts

I always use MG Moisture Control potting soil for my seedlings and love it, but Im not so happy with their marketing tactics.

I checked out the MG prices at Home Depot yesterday and the large bag of potting soil was $12.99 for 64 quarts. Next I went to BJs warehouse figuring it would be cheaper, and sure enough it was, but noticed that the large bag was now only 55 quarts. Finally I had to go to Wal Mart (groan) and checked it out there as well. The large bag at Wal Mart was marked “2 cubic feet” and didnt mention quarts at all! All of the bags appeared to be the same size and had identical markings, except for the quantity. Clearly MG is offering variable package sizes to their larger customers to foil comparative price shopping by us consumers. Thanks Miracle Grow! From now on I bring a calculator when buying their products.

How many bags of soil do I need for a 4×8 raised bed?

For a 4×8 raised garden bed, you will need 15 bags of soil (1.5 cubic feet per bag) or 21.44 cubic feet of soil. This is assuming your raised garden bed is 8 inches high and the bags of soil you are buying contains 1.5 cubic feet of soil per bag.

How heavy is a bag of soil?

A 40-pound bag usually contains approximately 0.75 cubic feet of soil. One cubic yard is made up of 27 cubic square feet, so if buying in bags, you would need 36 bags weighing 40 pounds each and making for a total of 1,440 pounds of soil per cubic yard.

How much does 50 dry quarts of soil weigh?

They weigh about 75 pounds.


How many quarts are in a 2 cubic foot bag of potting soil?

Perhaps your container will hold 51.5 quarts. You know that there are 25.71 dry quarts per 1 cubic foot, so you can divide the 51.5 quarts of your container by 25.71 to learn that you’d need 2 cubic feet of potting soil for your container.

How many dry quarts is 2 cubic feet of soil?

One 2 Cubic Foot Bag Covers

covers 8 sq feet.

How big is a 2 cu ft bag of soil?

One 2 Cubic Foot Bag Covers

covers 8 sq feet.

How much does 2 cubic feet of Miracle Grow potting soil weigh?

One 2 Cubic Foot Bag Covers

covers 8 sq feet.

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