48Th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Only two years from that huge milestone of the golden wedding, it is not unusual for couples to decide to keep their 48th wedding anniversary low key. That, however, does not mean that you should forget to help them to celebrate. Every single anniversary occasion is worthy of praise and admiration, especially when a couple have been married as long as your friends or relatives. So help them to mark the day by giving them a gift that perfectly expresses just how happy you feel for them and just how much they are appreciated and admired by everyone in their lives. There are many great ideas that you can take inspiration from when you are choosing a 48th anniversary gift, so whether your loved ones prefer something traditional or a little more modern, there is bound to be a token of esteem that they will treasure for many more happily married years.

The first anniversary is known as the paper anniversary, the 25th as the silver anniversary and the 40th as the ruby wedding, but the 48th wedding anniversary, unsurprisingly, has no famous symbol or theme linked to it. That is not to say, however, that is does not have a theme at all. In fact it does, although it is not a traditional or original one. In the 1920s when the very first gift lists were created for the major anniversary occasions, only every fifth year after the first decade was included. This was because only a few marital milestones were considered to be worthy of singling out for attention. It was not until more recently that the importance of properly acknowledging every marital year that passes was recognised, and so the other anniversary occasions which had originally been missed out were given their own theme or symbol. This included the 48th wedding anniversary, which was assigned the gift of optical goods.

Our Favorite 48-Year Anniversary Gifts

The theme of optical goods opens itself to lots of options, including sunglasses and binoculars. Weve also included eye-themed jewelry for a unique spin. If youre the type of giver who loves to commemorate the exact number of years of the anniversary, youll find some sly choices as well: items that come in 24 that you can double to get to 48, items that measure 48 inches in length and more. Additionally, we have chosen some thoughtful gifts that, while they lack a specific theme, are still great ways to commemorate 48 years.

What Should You Give as a 48th Anniversary Gift?

Theres no traditional gift or gemstone assigned to the 48th year of marriage. The modern gift is optical goods. If that doesnt speak to you, weve rounded up some wonderful wedding anniversary gift ideas that mark the occasion memorably without adhering to a theme. Weve even found some ways to include the number 48 in the gift itself.

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binocular

Theres no traditional 48th wedding anniversary gift, but the modern option is optical goods. These powerful waterproof binoculars are a fun nod to that and are perfect for a couple of outdoor enthusiasts. Theyll find plenty of excuses to use them, whether its for birdwatching or backcountry camping.

This stunning arrangement of dramatic magenta and white roses comes with 24 blooms; order double to impress your partner with a beautiful bloom for each year of wedding bliss youve shared. To ensure fresh flowers, BloomsyBox ships them as buds, then youll get to watch them bloom and open once theyre placed in water.

We cant think of anyone who wouldnt dive right into this super-soft, upscale hemmed duvet with matching pillow shams. Boll & Branch items are the height of luxury while still being cozy enough for everyday use. After 48 years, you definitely deserve a bedding upgrade.

This fun coffee mug does fast math, displaying exactly how many days 48 years together really is. Its a fun way to see just how long your commitment has lasted—and one they wont be expecting. After all, how many gifts out there specifically commemorate 48 years?

Ray-Bans aviators were already classics when you got married 48 years ago. And, like your union, theyve stood the test of time. The style of these aviators has been updated slightly but still retains the same timeless charm. Its a fun way to incorporate optical goods and a nod to the past in your gift.

Travel the lower 48 (see what we did there?) and beyond with this sturdy yet attractive luggage set. Available in gold, silver, rose gold or black, the set includes a carry-on, a medium suitcase and a large suitcase.


What is the gift for 48th wedding anniversary?

What Should You Give as a 48th Anniversary Gift? There’s no traditional gift or gemstone assigned to the 48th year of marriage. The modern gift is optical goods.

What anniversary is 48 years of marriage?

There is one tradition that is associated with the 48th year wedding anniversary and that is optical goods. It’s more of a modern version of a themed gift and that means that you could buy your partner some new prescription glasses, sunglasses or a new pair to replace their old ones.

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