Is there an ACX Plywood? ACX plywood is a variation on BCX. In many mills, BCX plywood is plywood that has been manufactured and then determined not to be good enough to be rated ACX. While both can be used in the same manner, the better face veneer of ACX plywood makes it ideal for visible exterior panels on a home.

What does ACX plywood stand for?

The name ‘ACX’ refers to the grade of glue and wood used in its construction. The A designates the front face and indicates a very high-quality veneer that also has good grain. Finally, the X is used to describe the exterior and designates the waterproof adhesive used in the construction of the plywood itself.

What is considered cabinet grade plywood?

The term Cabinet Grade Plywood is a general term, applied to any hardwood plywood which can be used in the manufacture of cabinets or furniture cabinetry. In these cases, it is typically referring to lesser expensive hardwoods, such as birch or some types of mahogany.

Is AC plywood for exterior use?

“AC” grade plywood is one of the most common types. Although the “AC” only gives the visual quality of the plywood surface, the plywood can be used for interior and exterior applications, determined by a separate exposure durability classification and span rating.

Can BCX plywood be used for subfloor?

Appearance stamps on plywood range from cabinet-grade (A) to construction grade (C and D). Exterior plywood carries an X stamp, which identifies it as suitable for use outdoors. BCX Plywood for Subfloor One of the most common uses for plywood is for subflooring in new construction homes.

What is the difference between RTD and CDX plywood?

RTD and CDX plywood are essentially the same exposure 1 graded plywood, except for the superior manufacturing quality of the RTD plywood. This higher quality in the manufacturing process is what makes the RTD plywood a superior product to its CDX predecessor.

What is CDX plywood used for?

CDX Plywood is used primarily by contractors to build exterior walls and roofs. CDX plywood has one side veneer grade “C” and one side veneer grade “D”. The two are bonded together with glue which can withstand a little moisture.

How long can CDX plywood be exposed?


What is ACX plywood used for?

A smooth surface is still the norm for this category.

ACX vs. BCX plywood are normally very similar, but the BCX is typically just those sheets that couldn’t quite make the cut for an A grade. Letters C and D indicate a much a lower quality veneer than those found in ACX and BCX plywood.

What is the difference between ACX and CDX plywood?

ACX plywood is ideal for outdoor projects like sheds, which need durable floorboards and outside covering. However, it is also generally great for rooms that are frequently exposed to moisture.

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