Air Fry Frozen Burrito

Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer, easy to make, simple, and fast! Cooking frozen burritos in the air fryer are a delicious and tasty snack!

Whether you are making frozen breakfast burritos, or a tasty frozen chimichanga, this recipe is perfect for your burrito air frying needs!

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  1. Preheat air fryer to 400 for 5 minutes.
  2. Put frozen burritos into basket with bottom (sealed side) facing up.
  3. Set to 350 degrees for 15 minutes total. Flip burritos every 5 minutes so they end up with sealed side facing up again. ( …
  4. Enjoy.

How To Make Sure The Burritos Are Cooked

First, you want to make sure that you don’t overcrowd the basket. But also do not stack them on top of each other to make sure they cook through.

How Long To Cook Frozen Burritos In An Air Fryer?

Wondering how long to air fry frozen burritos?

This depends on the cooking temperature and how many burritos you are cooking. Based on a 400F / 200C temperature you should cook your frozen burritos for 12-15 minutes.

Smaller / larger burritos will need a little less/ more time. If you are only cooking 1 burrito, then check for doneness at about 11 minutes.

How long do you cook frozen burritos in the air fryer?

Cook for 15 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes.


How long do I cook a frozen burrito in the air fryer?

Air fry frozen burritos in an air fryer preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200C) for 14 minutes. Use the top rack position if you’re using an air fryer oven.

Can you air fry El Monterey frozen burritos?

El Monterey Burritos In Air Fryer Instructions

Start by preheating your air fryer to 400 for 5 minutes. Now you want to place your El Monterey frozen burritos into the air fryer basket with the bottom “sealed side” facing up. Set your air fryer to 350 degrees F for 15 minutes total.

How long to air fry El Monterey burritos?

How long do you air fry El Monterey frozen burritos? El Monterey burritos are cooked the same as other frozen burritos- 15 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes. What is this? Frozen Burritos in the Air fryer are really simple and I love that air frying doesn’t heat up the whole house while making a tasty burrito.

How long should I cook a burrito in the air fryer?

Air fry the burritos at 350 degrees F for 8 – 10 minutes, until the cheese on top is completely melted. Repeat until all the burritos are cooked.

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