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They bond over the deaths of their fathers and continuously outdo each other in the grand gesture department. Juliana makes Valentina clothes and Valentina is constantly trying to help Juliana pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer all the while resisting the urge to buy an entire fashion school outright and name it after her new “friend.” It was sweet to watch how natural the progression of the story was, allowing both characters to be fully realized within the narrative before their romantic relationship really begins to be explored.

What Amar a Muerte was able to accomplish in one season of television with #Juliantina is something remarkable. It’s very rare to get a queer romantic storyline between two characters on a show that isn’t relegated to a short-term subplot and given a non-committal conclusion. Juliana and Valentina’s love story is strengthened by the fact that both characters are important to the over-arching plot of the show and arguably the reason the premise exists at all. What is Lady Death on Amar a Muerte, if she isn’t simply the biggest #Juliantina shipper of them all?

The story begins on the day of a mysterious solar eclipse when Leon Carvajal, a wealthy media mogul and father of Valentina Carvajal, is assassinated at his wedding reception. His soul is transmigrated into the body of a recently executed hitman in San Antonio, Texas named, El Chino Valdez, the father of Juliana Valdez. Leon, left to navigate the world in the body of El Chino, sets off on a journey back to Mexico City to reunite with his family and ends up having to escape the United States with Juliana and her mother Lupita. This, of course, is not an easy task since El Chino was an abusive father and husband and his estranged daughter and wife have good reason not to trust him. Eventually, Leon decides to part ways with Juliana and Lupita to make the journey alone. El Chino’s soul ends up in the body of Beltran, an anthropology professor in Mexico City and he must now deal with the fact that he is in the body of a man who has a wife, a young son, and respectable career. Inevitably, all of their paths end up crossing in Mexico City.

I saw a few people online comparing Juliana and Valentina’s storyline to that of Romeo and Juliet, but I didn’t see it that way. Although they are certainly in the eye of the storms around them, the development of their romance is anything but Shakespearean. For me, seeing Juliana and Valentina fall in love was like watching the tale of Cinderella playout from the point of view of Prince Charming. There is a point in the story where Valentina reminisces about the fact that Juliana could have been her prince in another life, but it is very much Valentina who is the prince in their current one.

There have been many stories I’ve seen in the past where one half of a queer relationship falters under scrutiny and either doesn’t speak up for how they feel or expresses shame for it. Juliana and Valentina standing up for themselves in situations where people are trying to directly diminish the love they have for each other sends an important message to the audience of the show and any young queer viewers who may be watching. No matter how bad life gets you should always stand up for yourself and the people you love.



Amar a Muerte

Character Character
Juliana Valdés Valentina Carvajal



Status of Relationship



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Also Known As

Juliantinas, Las Frozens, Las Geis

Juliana and her mother Lupe flee to Mexico City, where eventually in a series of events by destiny, Juliana and Valentina meet each other in a park. Juliana saw Valentina crying and she wanted to help her because she has a beautiful heart that her dark past could not harm. Then, a friendship beyond money and social status starts growing between them.

Juliantina is the most popular show of the series Amar a Muerte. Although this ship is massively popular in Latin America, it has reached English-speaking spaces and gained notoriety there. Many fans started shipping the two because of their incredible on-screen chemistry. And as their love story progressed, the ship became more and more popular.

They almost kiss at Valentinas Brothers party. And then, all their fellings come afloat. Their first kiss was on December, 31st 2018 at Valentinas pool. Julianas mother had been kidnapped and had been shot, so she was on a hospital bed fighting between life and death. Valentina knew the pain Juliana was going through, because she also lost her mother when she was a child due to cancer. So she invites Juliana to swim in the pool to get distracted and the chemistry between them begins to flutter in the air. Although the world was falling around them, they smile when they see each other. They kiss and Valentina tells Juliana that she is not alone, that now they are together and that theres no reason to be afraid.

Juliana and Valentina came from different worlds. Valentina Carvajal is the youngest daughter of a communications millionaire who is murdered on her wedding day. While Juliana Valdés is the daughter of a Texas-based hit-man who was sentenced to the electric chair for murdering a judge. Their parents die at the same time and their souls transmigrate on different bodies then they come back to life.


¿Cómo se llama Valentina De Amar a muerte en la vida real?

Macarena Achaga y Bárbara López, interpretan a Valentina y Juliana en la telenovela “Amar a muerte“, conocidas como Juliantina, el boom mexicano de Televisa en redes sociales.

¿Cómo se llama la serie de Juliantina en Netflix?

Valentina y Juliana son secundarias en toda la historia, pero durante la emisión original de Amar a muerte en México, entre el otoño de 2018 y principios de 2019, nadie lo habría dicho por la actividad que congregaban en Twitter, YouTube y en demás redes sociales.

¿Dónde puedo ver la novela de Amar a muerte?

Juliantina (serie 2019) – Tráiler. resumen, reparto y dónde ver. Creada por | La Vanguardia.

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