Ark Easy Prime Meat

Kill non-adult versions of any creature

For more details about the method check out this video:

I’m sorry to put it this way, but that means killing babies, a ruthless, yet very effective method of getting constant Raw Prime Meat. Dodos are usually preferred, as they are the easiest to tame. Kairuku are currently the only ones that can have wild babies, so taming the creatures in order to breed them is an important part to think about. Wyverns also have fertilized eggs in the wild, if you are in for an adventure. You can harvest the babies using any of these dinos: Carno, Rex, Allosaurus, Giga, or even a chainsaw if you are playing on Scorched Earth.

How it works:

  • Tame any pair of creatures. Tip: go for the ones that don’t require too much effort, such as Dodos or herbivores
  • Breed them and hatch the eggs. Create your own Prime-Meat farm
  • Kill the newborns and get yourself unlimited Raw Prime Meat
  • For more details about the method check out this video:

    This method is perfect if you are a late-gamer and like taking up a challenge. Going for Alphas is a reliable source of Prime Meat. The best advantage? These dinosaurs can get you incredible amounts of meat compared to other traditional methods. How to kill an Alpha? You need a powerful combat creature, with high melee damage and a high gain per action. Try taming a high-level Rex/ Giga or Allosaurus. Also, be equipped with your best weapons and strong armor, you never know if things will go according to your plan.

    How it works:

  • Find an Alpha dinosaur
  • Attack and battle until you kill it
  • Harvest the corpse. It will give you insane amounts of Raw Prime Meat, instead of Raw Meat
  • For more details about the method check out this video:

    This giant is not to be joked about. Giga is an enormous predator, with the best efficiency when it comes to harvesting Prime Meat. Taming one of these is a dangerous action and even a tamed one can throw off its rider if he annoyed it sufficiently! However, Giga is considered the best meat-harvester in the whole game. If it’s yours, this creature can kill almost anything you want and make it look easy too. Larger creatures will be a secure target and an accessible source of Prime Meat so you won’t have any worries from now on. Not to mention that Giganotosaurus is also a Titan Killer, so if you are a late-gamer, taming one is definitely a good idea!

    How it works:

  • Tame a Giganotosaurus. Its preferred food is Raw Mutton and the saddle becomes available at level 96
  • Kill any dinosaur that stands in your way. Tip: Paracers are a great source of Prime Meat and are easy to kill too.
  • Harvest the corpses and get the Prime Meat. Don’t forget that the meat will spoil in no time in your inventory. Use the Gigas’ inventory, or even better, build a Preserving Bin/ a Refrigerator.
  • Raw Prime Meat spoils very fast. After harvesting, a useful tactic is to store the meat immediately in a tamed creatures inventory for transport, as it spoils in 4 minutes and 40 seconds in a Players inventory, but lasts around 18 Minutes and 40 seconds in a creatures inventory. However, if the Player wants to save Raw Prime Meat this way for later use, it should not be given to a tamed carnivore, as they may eat it if they dont have any normal Raw Meat to eat.

    Raw Prime Meat is very useful for taming. It is the fourth best thing to feed any Carnivore you want to tame (with Kibble being the first, Raw Mutton being the second, and Cooked Lamb Chop being the third). Raw Prime Meat replenishes the same 50 food as regular Raw Meat to a dino being tamed, but it tames the Dino at 3 times the speed. It also decreases the taming effectiveness by around .5% each bite, which is more effective than regular Raw Meat.

    It can also be cooked at a Campfire or Industrial Grill, which boosts the amount of time before expiration by 45 minutes in the players inventory, and 3 hours in a creatures inventory. Cooked Prime Meat can be eaten for ~40-45 food. Cooked Prime Meat can also be fed to carnivores to tame at about 1.5 times the speed when compared to taming with Raw Meat.

    Raw Prime Meat can also be obtained by harvesting Alpha Creatures as they give prime meat instead of Raw Meat. The boss creatures DodoRex and Dragon also drop prime meat. One notable thing is that Wyvern have fertilized eggs in the wild,so butchering a young wyvern could yield prime meat, although most players just raise the baby.

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    What gives more prime meat ark?

    The Alpha Predators are the best source of Raw Prime Meat.

    Does Prime meat tame faster?

    Raw Prime Meat is a food item in ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be obtained by harvesting the corpses of larger creatures.

    What fish gives prime meat in Ark?

    Raw Prime Fish Meat is slightly better than Raw (non-Prime) Meat in regards to effectiveness, and is significantly quicker to tame with.

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