Barking Dog Doorbell Alarm

Range and Sensitivity

The best barking dog alarm units have a reliable detection system, with a high-enough sensitivity and range to detect intruders. Many barking dog alarms are placed indoors and are able to detect movement through walls and doors to catch any intruders lurking around the home. A few units come in two pieces, with a separate sensor placed outdoors while the alarm system sits indoors.

Barking dog alarms usually have a range between 10 and 30 feet, but some devices with outdoor sensors have a much larger range of up to 1,000 feet. To choose a suitable range, consider the area that needs monitoring: Some homes need a much smaller range (for example, monitoring the front step of a townhouse), while others might require a larger range to signal any human or animal intruders wandering the yard.

An alarm that is too sensitive might disturb the household or neighbors, while one that is not sensitive enough won’t activate when it needs to. To offer more flexibility, it’s best to buy a unit with an adjustable range or sensitivity, which allows users to set their own preferences.

Extra Features

Additional features can make a barking dog security system even more safe and convenient. Some alarms allow users to use their own recording, which makes it easy to switch up the audio or add longer barking recording loops and less likely for intruders to catch on to the alarm system.

Other alarm security products can also take advantage of barking dog audio. Products such as security bars can play a barking dog noise when intruders attempt to twist a doorknob or open a door.

Although many barking dog alarms are designed to deter human intruders, a few are targeted toward pest animals. These alarms often are designed to be installed outdoors and can include additional features, such as ultrasonic repellers or flashing light-emitting diode (LED) lights to deter neighborhood cats and wandering raccoons or deer. Some of these outdoor devices harness solar power to make them even more low maintenance.


The best barking dog alarms offer a reliable extra security measure against home intruders. Affordable and easy to use, they’re also a beneficial add-on to an alarm system or smart security system. Wondering if these devices are a good fit for your home? Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions on barking dog alarms.


Is there a doorbell that sounds like a dog barking?

Yes, barking dog alarms can help deter potential home intruders as well as other animals.

How can I record my neighbor’s barking dog?

i4 Technology PA-02 Dog Bark Imitation Siren Doorbell

The i4 Technology PA-02 Dog Bark Imitation Siren Doorbell earns a place on our list for its ultra-realistic canine noises and behavior. In other words, this alarm system doesn’t begin with loud barking but rather a low growl as a dog warning sign.

Will a dog trigger an alarm?

Buy a recorder, preferably one that has a date and start and stop times. Place it in a spot in your yard that is not obviously trying to make the most of a situation, and let it run all day — or night, depending on the time the barking takes place the most. Get extra tapes or gadgets that do the recording.

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