Best Flea Bombs For House

A flea fogger is essentially another name for a fumigation device. It releases a massive amount of insecticide into a room that saturates the air completely. By this action, virtually every nook, cranny and crevice becomes inundated with pesticide particles, turning the entire fogged area into a toxic unlivable space.

In general terms, using a flea fogger should really only be applied as a last ditch method when flea infestation is so severe that other methods of control dont work. Extreme caution must be used when fogging, such as, all pilot lights and open flames must be extinguished, the entire room and/or household must be evacuated for up to 4 hours, and the entire premises must be aired out after returning.

All flea foggers on this list will be effective, when used according to their label directions. Price will be no object, since effectiveness is the prime reason for using one, and the list of the best flea foggers in 2022 will work be effective immediately and have strong residual results to keep on killing long after the fogger has been employed.

Precor Plus Flogger IGR – Best Flea Fogger for Home


  • Active Ingredients: Methorprene 0.09%; Permethrin 0.58%
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 1.9 inches; 5.6 Ounces
  • Target Species: Fleas and their hatching eggs
  • It is my top pick when it comes to the most effective flea bombs. It is made up of permethrin, which is strong enough to kill the adult fleas immediately. Precor plus also works on the immature larvae and kills them before they mature into biting adults.

    It is made possible by the molecules of the Precor IGR, which penetrate deep into the parts where the larvae hide. Fleas mostly hide in the carpet, beddings of your pet, and as far as the floor cracks where you can hardly see them.

    Therefore, with penetration of the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) molecules, you are sure to eradicate up to the last adult flea or the larvae. You can use it together with Precor 2000 plus aerosol to boost its effectiveness.

    With this flea fogger, you will get the value for your money since one can of Precor IGR is enough for a large surface area of up to 375 square feet. Additionally, it works actively for up to 7 months. Hence it will continue preventing flea infestations until 7 months elapse.

    To achieve the best effect, you should read the usage directions carefully and strictly follow the instructions indicated on the can or box of the pesticide.

    Pros: Cons:
    • Controls pests for up to 7 months;
    • No bad smell that remains after use;
    • No stains on your carpet or furniture;
    • Kills fleas even before they mature.
    • Can be resisted by some pests.

    How long to stay out of house after bug bombing?

    Most manufacturers indicate the vacating period on packages to inform consumers of how long to stay out of house after bug bombing. Most of them require you to stay out for around 2-4 hours. This time is enough for the fog to settle down, and for most pesticides, the air will be clear of the smell in case it is not odorless.

    If you are planning to go for a vacation, then it’s the best time to set the flea bombs since you should always ensure your family is safe and that they can be out of the house during the stipulated time.

    Will it be effective in preventing future outbreaks?

    Fleas and most insects are extremely tough, and even after a severe chemical treatment such as a bomb, they can find their way back into a home. A few stragglers may also make it through the initial impact.

    As a result, youll want to look for a flea bomb that kills for at least two months after its been used.


    Make sure it gets rid of the eggs and larvae as well as the adults during these two months. Its your only chance of keeping numerous generations from making your house their home.


    Which flea bomb works best?

    Flea bombs are not an effective method of flea control. The pesticides released do not penetrate the carpets or other fibers where the flea eggs and larvae are likely to be hiding. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln recommends an Integrated Pest Management approach, instead of the use of insect bombs.

    How do I get rid of fleas in my house fast?

    Top 5 Best Flea Foggers and Bombs
    • Precor Plus Fogger (our top pick)
    • Adams Plus Flea and Tick Indoor Fogger.
    • Hot Shot Fogger6.
    • Harris Indoor Fogger.
    • Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger.

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