Buldak Ramen Spice Levels

Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor

The Cheese Hot Chicken flavored Buldak Ramen is as cheesy as ramen can get. It is perfect for cheese lovers, it contains cheddar cheese with a bit of nori.

Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor of Buldak Ramen is less spicy than the others. It has a Buldak Ramen Scoville rating of 2,323 SHU.

Curry powder is the greatest affront to Indian cuisine. Because white invaders often fast track the process of “understanding” and commodifying the culture of the people they’ve conquered, the British rule of India brought the concept of curry powder to the fore, thus reducing an ancient and beautiful cuisine to a rough amalgamation of its most pungent spices. Other cultures have curries but we can lay the confusion and over-simplification of what a curry is entirely at the feet of colonialism.

Of the types of Buldak products available in the US, I’ve never had these “Ice Type” noodles. I can’t see a reference to them on Samyang’s website and suspect they’ve probably been discontinued. The gimmick here is that they were served cold, kind of like japchae only still made with instant ramen fried noodles.

We’re now in the territory of noodles I’ll happily eat whenever they’re provided, albeit on the low end of the scale. I mentioned previously that most Samyang noodles are prepared without a broth. These stew type noodles are different, they’re thicker, chewier noodles designed to be simmered. So in preparing these, you reserve more water than the traditional couple of spoonfuls recommended in other varieties.

In the time since I last updated this website, the world has fallen deep into a cycle of global pandemic and economic self-destruction. When I expressed interest in rekindling some 1920s aesthetic, I didn’t expect it to be self-quarantine and plonking away at a typewriter to distract from the dangers of venturing out in the world.

These kind of taste like that? But they also don’t. Again the spice level is quite low and less than the standard buldak flavor but certainly delivers a punch. The worst astringent flavors of the curry powder linger on the palate for hours after you’ve eaten, something I’m fighting as I write this. I had a pack left and in my quarantine haze decided to eat them. I…shouldn’t have.

2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor

The 2x Spicy Hot Chicken flavored Buldak Ramen is as spicy as a plateful of jalapenos. It is one of the spiciest ramen flavors ever to exist and was the inspiration behind the Fire Noodle Challenge. This flavor of Buldak ramen would definitely make you sweat.

The 2x Spicy Hot Chicken is also the spiciest Buldak Ramen flavor. It has a Buldak Ramen Scoville rating of 10,000 SHU.


Which buldak ramen less spicy?

Of all the flavors, Buldak Ramen 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor is the spiciest flavor with a scoville rating of 10,000 SHU and the Jjajang Hot Chicken Flavor is the least spicy with a scoville rating of 1,920 SHU.

Is buldak spicier than 2x?

Samyang Halal Buldak Ramen Light Less Spicy Than Regular Buldak Ramen and More Chewy Texture with Non-Fried Noodles Made in Korean Edition 5 Pack Hot Chicken Spicy Fire Noodle 700g (Pack of 5)

How many Scoville units is buldak spicy ramen?

Samyang 2x Spicy Buldak is about 2.5 times spicy compared to the original buldak (4404) with a Scoville index of 10,000, and about 1.2 times spicier than the existing nuclear-buldak (8706). Among the ramen released in Korea, it currently has a spicy taste.

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