Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks

Raw or dehydrated turkey necks are not only safe for your dogs to eat, but they also offer many nutritional benefits to your canine’s diet, including: High quality protein. Glucosamine and chondroitin. Calcium, phosphorous, and other trace minerals.

Downsides & Risks of Turkey Necks for Dogs

Turkey necks, even when dehydrated, carry the risk of contamination with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli. Safe food hygiene practices, such as careful cleaning of surfaces and handwashing after handling these products are essential. Turkey necks, like any product containing bone, are also a potential choking hazard and may cause other complications including constipation and intestinal blockages.

Can dogs eat turkey necks? Yes, if they’re raw!

Turkey necks, chicken and duck necks fall into the category of raw meaty bones (RMBs). Without them, a raw diet cannot be considered a balanced one.

That’s because raw bones for dogs:

  • Contain calcium & phosphorus for healthy bones and strong muscles
  • Exercise the jaws
  • Clean the teeth
  • Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks

    Even if your dog is not on a raw diet, he can still benefit from chewing on a raw turkey neck.

    Poultry necks in particular are chock full of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important for joint health and a wonderful means of preventing arthritis if fed on a regular basis.

    I’ve seen the benefits of feeding my two Boxer mixes raw meaty bones on a regular basis.

    I believe dogs should be offered raw bones such as turkey necks several times per week. Just make sure they are, in fact, raw. Cooked bones become more brittle.

    Canine digestive systems are highly acidic and designed to effortlessly break down raw meaty bones such as turkey and chicken necks. So there’s no need to worry about their digestibility – just feed them raw.

    See my general post, how to safely feed a dog raw bones.

    Tip: Raw poultry necks can also be used to make bone broth. I shared a recipe for homemade bone broth here.

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    What about frozen chicken necks for dogs?

    It’s OK to feed frozen chicken necks to dogs as long as their teeth are in good health.

    As a matter of fact, it’s a great refreshing food on hot summer days, and it’ll also last longer than a de-thawed chicken neck. Remember, chewing is a natural behavior for dogs and promotes mental health as much as it keeps their teeth clean and gums healthy!

    If you’re unsure of your dog’s ability to eat a frozen chicken neck, try offering it partially thawed.

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