Chassis Control System Error

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  • Chassis control 41 Answers

    On my 2015 Nissan rogue a message popped up saying Chassis control system error. Not sure what that means but for sure it doesn’t let me drive my car. Anyone can help?

  • Chassis control 3 Answers

    My 2019 Nissan Rogue had a pop up chassis control show up on dash then I pushed reset and disappeared wondering if there is some concern . Also tire pressure are all different? 39 and 40 and one 3…

  • Control Chassis help 1 Answer

    2019 Rogue has Chassis control on Lights all over the place. When I called Nissan had no idea of what I was talking about. Was having it towed when 3 As driver said it may be battery and he charge…

  • 2015 Rogue “Chassis System Control Error” 2 Answers

    I just had this happen yesterday, vehicle would not drive and the chassis system control error message came up. Took the car to the dealer and they came back with we needed a new transmission? There…

  • Chassis control system error comes up after I start my car 2016 Nissan Rogue. 2 Answers

    I have heard it maybe the ABS pump motor which is expensive Any thoughts please Thanks

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    What does the chassis control module do?

    NOTE: If the Chassis Control System Error warning message appears in the vehicle information display, it indicates the Chassis Control Module has detected an error in the Active Trace Control, Active Engine Brake, or the Active Ride Control systems.

    What is a chassis control unit?

    The Chassis Management Module (CMM) provides management and control of the chassis, and is responsible for the following functions: Monitors, controls, and assures proper operation of the modules and other chassis components.

    What is active chassis control?

    The Scalable Chassis Control Unit is the central electronic device for vertical dynamics control. It provides permanent adjustment of the damping force depending on road conditions and vehicle speed and controls the air suspension system of the vehicle while optimizing passenger comfort and dynamics.

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