Chicken On The George Foreman

Known for its convenient operation, the George Foreman grill is a double-sided electric grilling machine that cooks both sides of the chicken at the same time, cutting your cooking time in half.

Unlike skillet frying, when you cook breaded breasts on the George Foreman grill, you add a bit of oil to the bread crumbs rather than to the pan.

When cooking breaded chicken on the George Foreman Grill, you must use boneless breast or thighs. If you’re watching your fat and caloric levels, remove the skin from the chicken; youll reduce the meals calories by 48 percent and the fat by 89 percent.

When breading the chicken, use one hand for dipping the meat into the egg and the other hand for spooning bread crumbs onto and pressing the meat into the bread crumbs.

Can you cook chicken on a george foreman?
  1. Preheat your George Foreman Grill for at least 5-7 minutes on high with the lid closed.
  2. Lightly brush chicken breasts with olive oil.
  3. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Place on grill and grill for 6 minutes (with an optimal internal temperature of 165F/74C).

Ingredients Needed:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chicken On The George Foreman

    How To Make George Foreman Grill Chicken Breasts

    Seriously y’all, this recipe couldn’t be simpler, easier or faster for preparing boneless skinless chicken breasts on your George Foreman grill (or an indoor contact grill). A few basic pantry staples and you’ll have these chicken breasts on the table in mere minutes.

    Chicken On The George Foreman

    How to Ensure George Foreman Grill Chicken Breasts Cook Evenly

    A few tips and tricks to make sure your chicken breasts cook evenly on an indoor contact grill. First and foremost it is important to preheat your George Foreman grill for at the very least 5 minutes with the lid closed before cooking your boneless skinless chicken breasts.

    Second, it is imperative to use a meat mallet to pound your boneless skinless chicken breasts to an even thickness of about 1/2 inch. Pounding your chicken breast not only helps to tenderize the protein for a perfect juicy chicken breast but an even thickness also provides more surface contact with the grill plate.

    The more contact your boneless skinless chicken breasts have with the grill surface the more evenly your chicken breasts will cook. The more evenly your chicken breasts cook on the George Foreman grill the less risk portions of your boneless skinless chicken breasts will overcook and dry out while waiting for the thicker parts to cook through.

    No meat mallet? No worries! A rolling pin will work in a pinch. Simply place your chicken breasts in a gallon size freezer bag and take out your frustrations from the day. Sometimes I like to double bag the chicken just in case. Safety first people. Always remember your food safety. Handling any raw meat, especially poultry, carries the risk of food bourne illness.

    Always make sure to thoroughly wash your hands and sanitize any surfaces your raw meat may have come in contact.


    How do you cook chicken on a George Foreman Grill without drying it out?

    A Foreman contact grill cooks the breasts quickly using high heat on both sides at once. This helps the chicken to remain moist and tender.

    How long does it take to cook a whole chicken in a George Foreman?

    The cooking time is approximately 25 minutes per pound/450g.

    Can I cook chicken on my George Foreman?

    There are a few simple things to keep in mind when grilling chicken with the George Foreman grill. For tender results, use only boneless chicken breasts or thighs. The meat can be cooked as is or pounded with a meat tenderizer for faster cooking.

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