Church’S Chicken Dipping Sauces

Church’s Chicken Sauce Nutrition

Church’s Chicken Sauce Serving Size (g) Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
Honey BBQ 25 45 0 11 200
Honey Mustard 25 140 13 4 160
Ranch 25 140 15 2 270
Creamy Jalapeno 25 120 13 2 210
Honey 25 80 0 20 0
Ketchup 7 10 0 2 65
White Gravy 142/425 80/250 4/11 12/36 580/1750
Smoky Honey Q 24 120 11 0 52

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To celebrate the launch, the brand is featuring the tenders in the new Tenders ‘N Shrimp Meal, a limited-time offering available for Lent.

Each Texas Tenders ‘N Shrimp Meal includes two Texas Tenders, four Crispy Shrimp, fries, a Honey-Butter Biscuit, cocktail sauce, and new Smoky Honey-Q dipping sauce for $5.

Texas Tenders feature white meat chicken marinated in buttermilk, hand-breaded in a signature seasoning blend, and crispy-fried until golden. To enhance the flavor experience even more, each order of Texas Tenders comes with a side of new Smoky Honey-Q dipping sauce. The new dipping sauce is made with a blend of BBQ and honey mustard with a hint of seasoning that offers a combination of sweet, heat and smoke.

You can find the $5 Tenders ‘N Shrimp meal at participating locations nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last.


What sauce is on Church’s Chicken Sandwich?

The sauces join Church’s existing sauce line up which consists of Creamy Jalapeno, BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Ranch.

What is the purple sauce?

New Smoky Honey-Q Sauce

Currently featured on our Chicken Sandwich for a limited time and always available as a dipping sauce for our new Texas Tenders™.

Does Church’s Chicken still have purple pepper sauce?

Purple Pepper Sauce is back on the menu at Church’s Chicken for a limited time. First introduced back in March 2015, Purple Pepper Sauce features a blend of red bell peppers and Habanero peppers and has a has a jam-like consistency that makes it perfect for dipping.

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