Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review


I think my opening paragraphs should make it fairly obvious that I wanted to like this gun. The truth is, I don’t hate it. It isn’t my cup of tea but I actually enjoyed shooting it more than I thought I would. If I had to attribute that to something, it would be that I was actually hitting what I was aiming at with no special effort, and I didn’t come into this expecting the thing to shoot straight. I’m very happy to report that it is a viable option for someone on a tight budget who specifically wants a pistol to protect home and family. It does work. I would trust it to scare off most ne’er-do-wells. I would trust it to fire the first shot every time. I would trust it to run through all 5+1 rounds most of the time. Most.

Yes, in conclusion I’m very happy to be able to say that the cheapest handgun in America does function, does shoot straight, and didn’t explode in my hand. When I asked one of the employees at my local shooting range if he would buy this, the cheapest gun in America, I think he summed it up perfectly when he said, “if I had to.”


The Taurus PT 738 TCP (<<< click for review) can be had for $199. I actually think it’s the best .380 mouse gun on the market at any price. It’s less than half the weight of the Cobra and it’s 2/3 the thickness. Yet it holds one more round. It has an amazing trigger, has a slide lock and a standard mag release. It’s a great shooter and is as reliable as it gets — both in terms of cycling just about any ammo there is and in long-term durability. Watch the tabletop review video above for my full thoughts on the comparison, but the bottom line is that I think it’s ten times the gun for less than twice the price. If you can scrape up the extra dough to make up the difference, it’s money very well spent. If not, the Cobra works, too.

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    Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review

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    Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review

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    Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review

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    Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review


    Is a 380 enough for self defense?

    Although inexpensive, the RAD 380 is not a “cheap” radar detector. It may have only a few features, but it performs them exceptionally well. The Cobra RAD 380 is not fancy, but it has all of the fundamentals that make it a great radar detector for everyday driving.

    Is a .380 a good concealed carry?

    Absolutely, the . 380 ACP is a fine round for self defense and highly underrated. Commonly known as the 9mm short, this round has virtually the same bullet diameter as the traditional 9mm bullet. And, while the muzzle velocity is slower than the 9mm, the .

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