Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

Bonfires and campfires sound similar. I mean, they are both forms of outdoor fires, so what could be the difference? Surprisingly enough, they differ in size and purpose.

Campfires are small and contained, usually in a fire pit. People use them for heating, light, cooking, and entertainment. On the other hand, bonfires are large and used for celebrations. You also build them differently.

We will discuss everything you need to know about bonfire vs campfire so that you can confidently name your next fiery form of entertainment.

The campfire is much better for cooking, the bonfire uses fuel much faster. The only benefit is more light really, plus its kinda nice to have dancer thralls around it 🙂 I never really use it for cooking, tend to make them artifical sentry posts but I’m one of the weird players that likes to keep night time on.


“ They camped that night on the northern slopes of those hills, and hook-nosed, fiery-eyed men of the hill tribes came in scores to squat about the fires and repeat news that had come up out of the mysterious desert. „
~ – Black Colossus

Built of large pieces of wood, the bonfire is a blazing beacon in the night. Bonfires give off more light and heat than their lesser relative, the campfire, which can be an advantage if the priority is to remain warm, or a disadvantage if the priority is to remain hidden.

What Is a Bonfire?

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

The bonfire definition mentions a large, outdoor, controlled fire. You construct it in an open area far from bushes, shrubs, and trees that could catch fire. Common spots to build them include beaches, fields, and meadows. Keeping them away from flammable wood helps control their spread and protect the surrounding environment.

How Campfires Are Made

You build a campfire with matches, tinder, kindling, firestarters, and fuelwood. Each type of campfire requires a different technique.

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

You can build a log cabin campfire by placing two fuelwoods in parallel on the ground. Place the tinder in between the wood and some larger tinder on top. Then, add some kindling across the base wood spaced to allow for airflow. Add more fuelwood perpendicular to the base. You can keep adding more layers as long as you do not cover the kindling.

Since fire burns up, you will want to light it from the bottom. Make sure to reach far enough to light the fire without burning your hand.

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

You construct a platform campfire as you would a log cabin one, but you stack the logs closer together and light it from the top.

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

A lean-to campfire makes an excellent choice for beginners, and you can add more layers to the top to make it a log cabin style. While you cannot cook with this method, it can provide light and warmth in strong winds.

Start by placing large fuelwood on the site. Next, lean tinder against the base and add kindling on top. Lastly, you light the tinder and kindling to create the fire.

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

The star formation requires you to line up five fuelwoods by their ends and burn them individually. This method takes little skill, conserves wood, and can handle any log size. However, it does take a while to burn, making it unfavorable for heating.

Conan Exiles Large Campfire Vs Bonfire

If you want to make a quickfire for heat or cooking, consider a teepee campfire. While it consumes a lot of wood, it can readily cook your food. You start by arranging the tinder on the surface, placing the kindling in a cone shape around the tinder, balancing the kindling, and adding more until you have a solid structure.

You can make teepee campfires out of leaves and twigs if you’d like. Remember that the smaller wood will burn faster, so you will need to tend it frequently.


How do you use big campfire Conan exiles?

Pull up the wheel, select the campfire, and then place it on the ground using either the right bumper (Xbox One) or R2 (PS4). Access the campfire’s inventory, then place fuel such as wood or coal on the campfire (with R2 or the right bumper.)

How do you cook meat Conan exiles?

How to Cook Food in Conan Exiles
  1. Put whatever fuel source you’re using in one of the slots on the campfire.
  2. Use the raw meat in one of the other slots.
  3. Start it up with the on button.
  4. Watch the queue in the bottom right of the screen to see how long the cooking process has left.

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