Crystals Hot Sauce Scoville

2,000 to 4,000 Scoville

Blair’s Beyond Death Hot Sauce

Blair Lazar is known for creating concoctions that will set your tongue on fire. His Beyond Death sauce packs 99,760 SHU.

1 El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero

El Yucateco Red Chile Habanero has 5,790 SHU. The family-owned company operates its own habanero and annatto fields.

The olive-colored sauce may look plain, but it packs a massive 11,600 SHU.

Much like the beloved burger chain In-N-Out, this hot sauce hails from Southern California. This sauce boasts 20,000 SHU.

Pain 100% Hot Sauce definitely lives up to its name with 40,600 Scoville Units.

(TIE) 2 Trappey’s Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Trappeys Red Devil Cayenne Pepper Sauce also delivers 1,200 SHU.

Trappeys Louisiana Hot Sauce delivers a bit more heat than their Red Devil sauce, with up to 1,600 SHU.


Which is hotter crystal or Tabasco?

Crystal Hot Sauce has an estimated SHU of up to 4,000, according to enthusiast Scott Roberts, who has compiled a ranking hot of sauces and peppers based on Scoville Units. The Louisiana-based concoction is made from cayenne peppers.

How hot is pure capsaicin crystals?

So, it’s no surprise that Crystal’s heat profile (2,000 to 4,000 SHU) is comparable to what you get from the O.G. Tabasco (2,500 to 5,000 SHU). Though, it is a bit of a surprise that it’s slightly lower, given the cayennes come first on the ingredient list.

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