does anyone die in beef

Jordan’s Death Is Beef’s Most Brutal Scene

Albeit not the only casualty to occur in Beef, Jordan’s death is, by far, the grisliest.

With the Emmy-nominated limited series BEEF, Steven Yeun (as Danny) and Ali Wong (as Amy) road-raged their way into nods in the leading acting categories. Young Mazino, Joseph Lee and Maria Bello also received recognition for their performances in the series about a grudge that spirals way out of control. People died! Buildings burned! Crows talked! But by the end of the series, the feud brought Danny and Amy closer to each other than anyone else in their lives. “There’s just something very freeing about these two characters who have seen each other at their very, very worst,” showrunner Lee Sung Jin said in March.

The season ends with Danny and Amy utterly alone, in the hospital, after being strung out on poisonous berries in the deserted Malibu hillside. But, for a brief moment, there’s connection and understanding as Amy hugs Danny and he embraces her back to the yearning tones of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Mayonaise.” “There’s a really good Ram Dass quote that says, ‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ And I think that feeling is probably something that we’re trying to capture,” Lee says in the video above.

Allow Lee, Yeun and Wong to take you inside the BEEF finale — and to really understand where Danny and Amy ended up, we have to reexamine who they were in the beginning, knowing what we know now.

What were Danny and Amy doing before they met? What were their routines?

Lee says that successful plant entrepreneur Amy wants to be more open with her husband George (Joseph Lee) and her family, but she’s learned from an early age to keep things inside. “This show provides an opportunity for me to talk about and express all the things I haven’t been able to say on stage in my stand-up,” Wong says. “It’s been the best way for me to say how it feels to be angrily, seemingly together.” Similarly, Yeun sees struggling contractor Danny as someone engulfed in deep fear. “He’s coming from a place of insecurity,” he says. “It’s easy for him to understand his reality, as long as everything’s in the place it needs to be.” And that especially includes his younger brother Paul (Young Mazino). “Danny keeps Paul where Paul’s supposed to be,” says Yeun.

OK, so was there sexual tension when Amy and Danny first met?

Even Yeun asks “what is it? Is it sexual?” Wong suggests that while BEEF is categorically a “dramedy/thriller,” she thinks it also “works as a romantic comedy.”

does anyone die in beef

Why doesn’t Danny send in Paul’s college applications?

Danny doesn’t want to keep Paul down, Yeun says. But “that’s just what he knows now.” Danny’s short but powerful line to Paul that “you need to get away from me” in Episode 9 came from Yeun’s instinct on set. “The way that scene was scripted, there were just too many words,” Lee says, commending how Yeun knew the gist of what his character needed to say in that moment.

Jordan’s Death Is Beef’s Most Brutal Scene Albeit not the only casualty to occur in Beef, Jordan’s death is, by far, the grisliest.


Does Danny die at the end of Beef?

The gunshot wound leaves Danny hospitalized and hooked up to a ventilator. Beef’s ending does not have Danny die, though, as he is confirmed to not only be alive but recovering. This is confirmed through the final moment of the season.

Did Paul die in Beef?

With confirmation that Paul is still alive, Danny finds relief followed by a devastating truth that Paul no longer wants anything to do with him. Before Paul left Danny at Jordan’s mansion, Danny gave Paul the best advice he could have: to stay away from him.

Does Jordan die in Beef?

By the time the violent mayhem settles, Michael and Jordan are dead — the latter gruesomely so — and Amy and Danny have both been abandoned by their loved ones: George has left with June and been granted emergency custody, and Paul has run away from Danny after the latter finally reveals that he was responsible for …

Does Beef have a happy ending?

Amy and Danny ended up together – whether romantically or otherwise it’s not clear. But clearly a strong, life-changing bond was formed. There’s also the question around Amy retaining access to June.

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