does buc ee’s beef jerky need to be refrigerated

Unopened beef jerky does not require refrigeration. Once a package has been opened, however, the moisture level of the jerky determines if refrigeration is required. Jerky with a high moisture level is not shelf-stable when exposed to oxygen and requires refrigeration.

We are living in a time with access to all kinds of awesome technology like smartphones and computers. And that makes us kind of oblivious to the technology we’ve known for our entire life, like refrigerators. We take them for granted, but humans have had such an incredibly easy way to store food still only for a while.

Before refrigerators, storing food was an arduous task, and people nowadays know nearly nothing about what things and procedures were used to do it then. There is one relic of those times, though, we all know very well – jerky.

Jerky was invented so that there will be food with a high nutritious value that’ll be able to last for long times. We obviously don’t need that nowadays, but we’re still enjoying the good-old jerky because of its taste and healthy composition. And here comes the thing, the weird relationship between old-fashioned jerky and modern refrigerators.

So does beef jerky need to be refrigerated? As you probably guessed, beef jerky usually doesn’t need to be refrigerated. But the word usually is significant since there are some situations in which you should put the jerky in your refrigerator.

How can you tell when that is the case? Keep reading, and we’ll answer everything you may be wondering!

Buc-ee’s jerky is available 24 hours a day at its stores

Theres something lonely about traveling in the wee hours of the night or early morning. While its liberating to have normally crowded highways almost completely to yourself, it can also be a bit creepy being one of the very few people out there – who are the other folks driving around at 3 a.m., and why? And this sense of unease is only magnified if you find yourself running out of gas or in desperate need of a bathroom or food break in the middle of the night. Not many convenience stores are open 24/7, and most of those that are open tend to be unremarkable by day, and oddly sterile and unnerving at night. Who knows how long those shriveled hot dogs have been rolling around inside that hot box?

Then theres Buc-ees. While many of its operations slow down late at night (for example, its car washes close at 8 p.m.) or are limited to specific times of day (made-to-order breakfasts are only offered between 4 a.m. and 11 a.m.), the kitchen is open and offers made-to-order hot food around the clock. And if you need your jerky fix in the wee hours of the night, Buc-ees has you covered — the jerky counter — along with the fudge, bakery, and Dippin Dots counters—are also open at all hours, in case you crave daytime comfort in the dead of night.

Nearly 700 pounds of Buc-ee’s jerky was recalled as a precaution

Buc-ees has gained loyal fans not just for its wide variety of both hot and pre-packaged foods, but for the quality of its food. For instance, its cult-favorite brisket is smoked 12 to 14 hours, per CBS 42, and is meant to reflect the quality of barbecue that Texans expect. “I put it up against some of the fancy-pants barbecue thats in this part of the country,” Buc-ees culinary director Jim Mills told Texas Monthly. Mills, of course, is not exactly an objective critic, but many guests seem to agree.

But in 2018, Buc-ees culinary reputation took a rare hit when a customer found stray pieces of metal in a package of Buc-ees Hill Country Brand Teriyaki Beef Jerky. The vendor responsible for manufacturing the jerky, Juniors Smokehouse Processing Plant, recalled close to 700 pounds of the jerky, while the Department of Agriculture recommended that those whod recently purchased that flavor of jerky return it for a refund or discard it, per CSP Daily News. Fortunately, there were no reports of anyone getting sick or injured as a result of the contamination. and fans continue to seek out and enjoy Buc-ees jerky.

How long does beef jerky last when opened?

How long beef jerky lasts when opened depends on many things, including whether or not you put it into a refrigerator. But, generally speaking, we would say that an opened bag of jerky should be eaten within a week.

Unopened beef jerky does not require refrigeration. Once a package has been opened, however, the moisture level of the jerky determines if refrigeration is required. Jerky with a high moisture level is not shelf-stable when exposed to oxygen and requires refrigeration.


How long can beef jerky last unrefrigerated?

After opening your bag of jerky, you should eat it within two to three days if stored at room temperature. For example, if stored in your pantry or your work bag. Of course, if you wish to enjoy your jerky a bit longer, you can refrigerate it.

Does Buc EE’s beef jerky expire?

As long as it has been stored properly, unopened jerky is safe to consume after the best-by date. But it won’t taste as good as fresh jerky. As a general rule of thumb, commercial beef jerky is best enjoyed within 1 year.

Do you have to refrigerate jerky after opening?

Jerky can be kept in your pantry for up to a year or until the best-by date on the package. Once opened, you should keep your jerky in the fridge. Taking these measures once opened will ensure your jerky stays fresh for up to 3 days.

How come I forgot to refrigerate jerky?

Unopened beef jerky is sealed in a vacuum pack and will last for up to 1 year in a dry and dark pantry at normal room temperature. Refrigerating beef jerky after opening is optional but advisable. Beef jerky left open and exposed to warm, moist or sunlit conditions will reduce its consumption time.

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