Does Lowes Fill Co2 Tanks

Where can I buy CO2? It’s a commonly asked question among frugal consumers who need to sustain their freshwater aquariums with live plants or keep their SodaStream machines or hydroponics equipment going.

If you love home brewing, you’ll also need to know where to buy a CO2 tank for a kegerator or where to get a kegerator CO2 refill nearby. Carbon dioxide also comes in handy for paintball gun cartridges, CO2 welding tanks, and tire inflation.

You see! It has many home applications. That’s why many people want to know where to buy CO2 tanks and have them refilled when they run out.

You’ll need to find a reliable place where you can get CO2 services. It leads us to the question:

Short Answer: Ace Hardware, Airgas, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Blain’s Farm & Fleet, REI, and Walmart are great places to buy and refill CO2 tanks nearby, both online and in-store. If you’re looking to buy empty gas cylinders, you can easily do so online from the comfort of your home. The top places to buy CO2 tanks online include Amazon, Gas Cylinder Source, Rapids, Wholesale Equipment, and Keg Outlet.

Other places to buy CO2 tanks and access refilling services near me include welding gas supply stores, dry ice suppliers, brewing supply stores, home improvement stores, fire protection equipment suppliers, pet stores, and sporting goods stores in your area.

Some places offer pre-sized cartridges for paintball and SodaStream machines, while others sell canisters in different sizes.

Where Can You Get More CO² Products And CO² Refills?

Just because the Lowes and the Home Depots of the world don’t offer CO² refills, doesn’t mean you can’t get it done anywhere.

There are several “big name” brand stores that offer CO² refill services as well as some you probably haven’t considered.

  • Dicks Sporting Goods: Offers refill services and CO² tanks for a variety of applications
  • Airgas: Offers both tanks and refill services
  • Paintball Stores: Offer tanks and refill services at select locations
  • Welding Shops: Local welding shops are capable of refilling CO² tanks
  • Hydroponics Shops: Usually offer both tanks and refills
  • Fire Equipment Stores: CO² is a primary chemical for fighting fires
  • Dicks Sporting Goods is one of the most recognized names on the list here, however, you can check with other sporting goods stores in your local area, such as Academy.

    It’s often the case that sporting goods stores offer CO² refill services.

    Airgas markets and sells several different types of gaseous chemicals used in a variety of applications including welding, recreational vehicles, propane (for heating and cooking), medical uses, and fire suppression.

    They will usually have services available for refilling your CO² tank.

    When you think about paintball stores, the tiny little cylinders that screw into paintball guns is usually the first picture that comes to mind.

    Fortunately, paintball stores offer CO² refills because people use their own tanks for refilling their own cartridges at home.

    Welding shops often use CO² for heavy-duty welding projects. While CO² isn’t as reliable, especially when it comes to splatter and arc stability, it’s prevalent enough that you can probably hook up with your local welding shop to get your CO² tanks refilled.

    Hydroponics shops store and use tanks of CO² and are likely more than capable of refilling your tank.

    Thankfully, for those who frequently use CO², plants breathe it, so it is necessary for plant growth and abundance.

    Plus, people who grow their own indoor gardens will have an abundance of reasons for purchasing CO² tanks and getting frequent refills.

    Since that creates a demand, hydroponics shops fill that demand by providing refilling services and CO² tanks for sale.

    Fire equipment stores are another potential solution to look into. CO² is an excellent fire suppressant because fire needs two things, oxygen and fuel. CO² displaces the oxygen the fire needs to survive, smothering it.

    CO²’s fire smothering abilities work out great for you because you now have another option for getting your CO² refilled.

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    Recreational Equipment, famously known as REI, offers outdoor recreational services and sporting goods. It has about 165 retail stores in 39 states that carry sporting goods, travel equipment, and clothing.

    REI is also a great place to get a smaller CO2 cylinder refill nearby. They offer 16-gram to 38-gram pre-filled cartridges, ranging from $4-$19, depending on tank size and brand.

    Tank Sizes: 16-grams, 20-grams, 24-grams, 38-grams pre-filled cartridgesWays to Buy: In-store and onlineCartridge Cost: $4-$19, depending on sizeIn-Store CO2 refills: No

    Visit a nearby REI to buy a CO2 bike inflator cartridge.


    Where can I get a CO2 tank filled?

    Many local or national sporting goods stores often fill CO2 tanks for paintball guns. Sporting goods stores are easy to find and usually do a great job at filling tanks, though if you get an inexperienced person helping you, there is the risk that they will overfill your tank, which can result in a burst safety disk.

    Does Lowe’s refill CO2 tanks?

    Does Lowe’s sell replacement CO2? There is no service provided by Lowe’s for filling propane tanks in the store, but you can purchase propane tanks that you can refill yourself by buying them from the store and refilling them yourself.

    Where can I fill my Kegerator CO2?

    Where can I get my CO2 tank filled? Local welding supply stores, locations that fill fire extinguishers, local home brew shops, and sporting stores that sell paint ball guns are among the most likely places to get your CO2 tank filled.

    How much does it cost to fill a CO2 tank?

    2.5 Pound Cylinder: $7.62. 5 Pound Cylinder: $14.23. 10 Pound Cylinder: $28.34. 20 Pound Cylinder: $39.89.

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