Family Guy Peter Drinks Hot Sauce

Thanks to Peters latest drunken antic (trying to drink from a fire hydrant, getting knocked into the local library, and drowning Jack Londons “White Fang” for “ruining his eighth grade summer”), Mayor West raises the towns drinking age to 50, meaning Peter (who is in his 40s) and his friendsnote though Quagmire in one episode is said to be in his 60s, so legally, he can drink can no longer booze it up. When they learn that Brian is of age to drink and purchase alcohol, thanks to dog yearsnote 8 years old in dog years is 56 in human years and Brian happily procures alcohol for Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland…until Brian gets in trouble for buying alcohol for underaged people.

They ring Mayor Wests door. He thinks theyre trick or treaters. Peter asks the mayor to repeal the law. His wife comes out with a glass of wine. Brian uses that for blackmail, but West thinks hell resign in scandal instead. Peter tells him what drinking means to the working class guy. West agrees to repeal the law.

After Brian buys the alcohol, he and the guys play drinking games. At home, Brian and Peter are sitting on the couch, drunk and talking. They are best friends. Peter goes to the bathroom to throw up. Stewie comes in and sees Brian. He tells Brian that Peter is using him. Brian thinks hes jealous.

The guys are walking around Quahog drunk. Cleveland tells Peter to drink as much water as he can from a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant blows Peter into the library. He fights with the book White Fang for ruining his 8th grade summer. Joe comes and shoots the book for the same reason.


What episode does Peter drink hot sauce?

The Sandman Will Keep You Awake – The Loop

At the Drunken Clam, Peter tries some of Cleveland’s hot sauce and gets burned. Quagmire places a bet with him to drink an entire shot glass full which he successfully does and it inspires him to take up other stunts for cash.

What episode of Family Guy does Peter do anything for $10?

Quagmire dares Peter to drink a shot glass full of hot sauce for 10 bucks. He does. It’s a volcano inside his head. Peter is impressed with himself that he can get people to pay him $10 for doing stupid things.

What episode of Family Guy does Peter open a restaurant?

After Peter finds a valuable coin and sells it for $50, 000, he opens his own restaurant, but things don’t end well when he bans Joe and all of his handicapped friends.

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