Great White Sharks Cheer Squad Where Are They Now


  • 2016: Bronze Champions
  • 2017: Silver Champions
  • A lot of teams have a maximum age, but our team doesnt. You can be 14 and up, so really you could stay on Great Whites as long as you wanted to, but most peoples bodies cant handle that.

    Do you find theres any pressure to have certain body type or beauty standard as a cheerleader?

    Oh my god, yeah. I actually started as a flier so when I moved to basing, it was definitely scary. Obviously Ive been hit a few times. As a base, sometimes people just fall on your face, and you have to deal with it. This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

    Im from Saint John, New Brunswick, which is a small city on the east coast [of Canada]. Cheerleading isnt big there, so when I started cheerleading, I was not good at all. Im not going to lie, I was pretty terrible. But Kenny and Lisa, Im not sure if you saw them in the show, they started working with the gym that I cheered at in New Brunswick, and theyre good friends with [the Great Whites coach] Ali [Moffatt]. I was on Team Canada for a couple years, and thats where I met Ali. And then from there, I always watched Great Whites and they were my favorite team ever. I wanted to take cheerleading a bit further, and one day, I was like, “I need to move.” I sent in a video tryout to Ali. Ive been loving it ever since. I dont want to go home.

    When she was just 17, Jordan “Knoxy” Knox packed up her life, said good-bye to her parents, and moved to the other side of Canada, all in the name of cheerleading. Knoxy is a member of the Great White Sharks, a two-time World Champion team, and for them, cheer is serious business. Being a part of the Great Whites means practicing at least three times a week, working out in your spare time, and spending weekends at intense competitions. Now Knoxy and her teammates are sharing their all-star secrets on Freeforms new reality show Cheer Squad. The show, which premiered Monday, follows the team as the girls prepare to compete at Worlds (again) and also live their somewhat normal lives, including starting college and going on awkward blind dates. Here, Knoxy, 21, talks with about what people get wrong about cheerleaders, how cheer can be scary AF, and why all the girls on her team basically have the same body.

    Here are the names of the cast members that appeared in the first season of Cheer Squad:

    But on the off chance, if you’re looking for some competitive shows, there are tons of other reality shows that have recorded the struggles of being an athlete or a cheerleader.

    As of now, the series has not been renewed yet. It’s been a few years since the first season aired. Neither have we heard anything about a new season. It’s also not known if the show will return and continue the story of the cheerleading team but it looks like the future seems uncertain.

    Cheer Squad is a Canadian reality-based tv show that was launched on the ABC Spark network on July 6, 2016, and in the United States, it was broadcast on Freeform network on August 22, 2016. The show revolves around the Canadian cheerleading squad known as The Great White Sharks as they function jointly on the journey to the world championships. So far the series has got only one season despite its popularity.

    It seems like the network ABC Spark nor Freeform have any plans to resume the show for another season run. But it simply doesn’t necessarily indicate that the series won’t be greenlit for a new season. All that is left for us to do is to wait for an official update before we go deeper into our own assumptions.


    Are the Great White Sharks still a cheer team?

    Great White Sharks are a popular cheerleading team from Cheer Sport Sharks that competes in the International Open Level 6 division. They are five time World Champions, having won in 2014, 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2022. They are also 5 time NCA National Champions.

    Where are the Great White Sharks Cheer now?

    “The Dock” in Orillia, Ontario.

    Where is knoxy from Cheer Squad?

    I’m from Saint John, New Brunswick, which is a small city on the east coast [of Canada]. Cheerleading isn’t big there, so when I started cheerleading, I was not good at all.

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