Ground Beef In Ninja Foodi

It’s a simple matter of timing. Knowing how to get your hamburger ready for a recipe in record time takes so much frustration out of preparing dinner when you’re in a hurry.

  1. Cook the ground beef using the Foodi’s sauté function on high. …
  2. Turn of the Foodi and add the chicken broth and Right Rice. …
  3. Seal the Foodi and cook with high pressure for 5 minutes with quick release pressure (vent immediately).
  4. Stir the ground beef and rice before adding the shredded cheese on top.

How to cook air fryer ground beef perfectly in just a few minutes. The best part is that the grease drains away for extra lean protein.

Ground Beef In Ninja Foodi

Making air fryer ground beef has been a game changer for us! Fat drains away and it’s browned in just 5 minutes flat! An easy air fryer recipe you can use in a multitude of other meals. (affiliate links present)

We buy half a cow every year. With that said we make a lot of easy ground beef recipes year round. You too can buy meat in bulk online. It saves money and trips to the store, I love it. With all the different cuts we get, we cook this the most often by far. There are so many recipes for it we love.

Whether I use it inside our very popular Instant Pot spaghetti recipe, or just mix in taco seasoning, I make this at least once a week. I love the fact that the fat and grease drain away automatically and browns it nicely in no time at all. You could use this same technique with ground turkey, chicken or even ground sausage.

If you love air fryer recipes too, here are some resources to start with:

Ground Beef In Ninja Foodi


The truth is, it is so easy, and you don’t even have to watch it; it’s so simple. You can make this any time, camping while staying at a hotel, while you do not have access to a stove or skillet.

It’s easy, and at the end, all you need to do is drain out the fat.

Another great option is this way will really allow you to season your meat, so whether you want beef fajitas, taco, or another seasoning mix, it is simple, and it will be delicious.

Cooking Frozen Ground Beef In Instant Pot

Knowing how to defrost mince (or ground beef) in the Instant Pot is so simple, that you will see how versatile it is. You are going to want to save these directions to use OVER AND OVER again, I promise! Okay, time to get into the details!

Ground Beef In Ninja Foodi


Can I cook ground beef in my Ninja Foodi?

And thanks to the Ninja Foodi, it’s also so easy to make! You’ll sauté the ground beef right in the Ninja Foodi pot, add the rest of the ingredients, then let it pressure cook to perfection. It couldn’t be simpler!

How long does ground beef take to cook in air fryer?

Add your ground beef to the baking pan, and then season it with salt, pepper, and seasoning mix. Use a spatula to break up the meat. Set the pan into the Air Fryer Basket and set the temperature to 400 degrees F, air fryer setting, and air fry for 10 minutes.

How long does ground beef take to cook in a pressure cooker?

Set pressure to high, and cook for about 6 minutes for one pound and about 10 minutes for two pounds. (To cook one pound of ground beef from frozen, set the timer to 30-40 minutes instead.)

How do I make taco meat in my Ninja Foodi?

  1. Place the thawed ground beef into the bottom of the crockpot or the pot of the Ninja Foodi.
  2. Top it evenly with the seasoning, salsa, and beans.
  3. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.
  4. Carefully break apart the meat and drain if needed.
  5. Serve over nachos, tacos, or burritos!

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