Honda Gx120 Oil Type

The GX120 holds 0.63 quarts (0.6 liters) of SG SF grade 10W-40 engine oil.

Compact combustion chamber, overhead cam design, and uniblock construction

A truly innovative combination of a compact combustion chamber, overhead cam configuration and uniblock construction significantly reduces fuel and oil consumption as compared to conventional side-valve engines.

Honda’s simple design has made the GC and GS Series lighter and more compact than any engine in their class. Plus, simple construction has minimized the number of parts, making the engine more reliable and easier to operate.

SAE J1939 CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) communication functionality provides ECU (Electronic Control Unit) connectivity with less wiring. It enables a variety of complicated electronic controls to be linked to improve operability.

Honda Cycloflow™ technology enhances the air-fuel mixture and makes it easier to start the engine and idle smoothly while making it more resilient to poor quality fuel.

New V-shaped valves and a pent-roof combustion chamber enable air in cylinder to flow more smoothly and maximizes the mixing of fuel. The longer stroke design also enhances turbulence in the cylinder, helping the mixture of air and fuel.

Drive-By-Wire unlike conventional models, has no throttle cable. An ECU controls a throttle motor via an electrical signal. Ideal throttle control is possible, from conventional type user-operated throttle control, to a variety of automatic control by the ECU.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), which detects the state of the engine using sensors supplies the optimum amount of fuel to the engine according to its working conditions. EFI Improves fuel economy, reduces exhaust gas, and achieves excellent usability and easy maintenance.

Electronic Fuel Injection eliminates the need for a manual choke, making starting simple. In addition, starting is improved as the fuel is sealed within the injector and fuel hose reducing fuel deterioration, and making smooth engine startup possible even after long-term storage.

The electronic governor minimizes governor droop. This increases available power.

For most normal engines, available power is decreased when the engine is approaching wide open throttle.

The iGX’s advanced electronic governor eliminates this by electronically controlling the throttle to achieve a higher effective power output.

Engine diagnosis utilizes Dr. H. software, linked via USB to tablet or PC for quick repairs.

The new integrated Fuel-Off position on the engine control allows the user to stop the flow of fuel to the engine when pressure washing is complete.

How does it work – With the engine running and the switch placed in the Fuel-Off position, the fuel flow to the carburetor is stopped. The engine will continue to run until the majority of fuel remaining in the carburetor is consumed and the engine shuts down.

Using the Fuel Off feature when shutting your pressure washer down helps prevent sticky carburetor buildup which makes for cleaner storage and easier future starting.

The innovative design of Honda’s Mini 4-Stroke engines allows them to be used and stored in any position for full 360° usability. Upright, sideways, even upside down – the Mini 4-Strokes will still run great.

An exclusive Honda rotary-slinger lubrication system keeps oil in a completely misted state and circulates it using pressure fluctuations generated by the movement of the piston.

Built-in passages effectively return the circulated oil to the oil reservoir from every part of the engine. An oil return port positioned in the center of the reservoir prevents oil from accidentally flowing into the combustion chamber.

Approximately half the operating cost of comparable 2-stroke engines

Efficient 4-Stroke technology not only offers superior fuel economy, it also requires no mixing of oil in the engine’s fuel supply. This substantially reduces both oil consumption and the emission of unburned oil in the exhaust.

The results include better all-around environmental performance and operating costs that actually decrease the more the engine is used!

Honda’s hemispherical combustion chamber was inspired by our proven racing technology. It offers the highest V-Twin compression ratio on the market.

The power is transmitted through forged-steel connecting rods and a forged-steel crankshaft, supported by a full-pressure lubrication system.

  • 9.3:1 compression ratio generates tremendous power.
  • Excellent combustion efficiency.
  • Allows a radial configuration to create high volumetric efficiency.
  • Places the spark plug near the center of the chamber for optimal flame travel.
  • This means increased engine efficiency and more power to your application.

    The lubrication system uses a high capacity pump with discrete chambers. This facilitates consistent oil delivery.

    The high output oil pump offers numerous benefits:

  • Twice the capacity of the previous model
  • Redesigned pump cover and sealing system ensure engine reliability
  • Full pressure lubrication to the flywheel, PTO, and connecting-rod bearings
  • Reduced friction
  • Extended engine life
  • Less mechanical engine noise
  • The idea of integrating the cylinder & head into one unit is radical. Radically smart. It eliminates the head gasket, head bolts, and allows for more airflow and better cooling.

    Speaking of cooling, improved cooling means better combustion management. Cooling is also improved by each of the lightweight aluminum pushrods being housed in a separate tube to achieve enhanced airflow.

    When you put it all together (with fewer parts) you get an engine with reduced emissions and greater-than-ever durability.

    Honda GX160 engine oil capacityThe GX160 engine is small but mighty, with an oil capacity of just

  • Work gloves
  • 10mm six-point socket/ratchet
  • Oil drain pan
  • Make sure you

  • Locate the oil gauge cap assembly on the engine. It should be a small,gray cap. Unscrew the cap.Â
  • Pull out the cap and wipe it clean. Dip the cap back into the engine to check the oil level—similar to the way you use a dipstick on a car. Screw the cap back into place.Â
  • Locate the oil drain plug at the base of the engine block. Loosen it using your ratchet but remove it by hand. Position the oil drain pan below to catch the draining oil.
  • Once the oil has drained, replace the oil drain plug and tighten it by hand. You can use your ratchet to tighten it to a maximum of 13 lb-ft of torque. If you overtighten it, you could crack the engine block.Â
  • Unscrew the oil gauge assembly cap and fill the engine with oil. Check the level using the cap to ensure you’ve added the correct amount.Â
  • That’s all there is to it! Performing regular scheduled maintenance your Honda GX160 engine will have a long life.Â

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