How Did Bluestar Die

Later, when RiverClan invades Sunningrocks, Bluestar is attacked by Mistyfoot and Stonefur, who Fireheart had discovered to be her kits, and he stops them by revealing this secret. While Bluestar begins to despise even Fireheart, she sacrifices herself to save him from the pack, falling into the gorge.

Thunderclan left the camp in case the dogs found their way in, and Bluestar went with while several other cats attempted to lead the dogs off the cliff. When she saw the strong helping the weak, she realized that her clan was not traitors and that Starclan had not abandoned her. She slipped out of sight to help Firestar and the others destroy the dog pack. She pushed the lead dog over a cliff into the river but the dog grabbed her and she went down with it. Firestar jumped in after her to save her, Mistyfoot and Stonefur saw Firestar struggling to pull Bluestar from the river and jumped in to help him. Bluestar died lying on the riverbank, and Oakheart came and brought her Starclan.

At the Gathering, theres news in that Leopardstar is the new leader of RiverClan. Graystripe tells Fireheart that shes been planning to get Sunningrocks back. Bluestar speaks next, accusing WindClan of prey theft. After some arguing, the Gathering ends in a hostile mood. Fireheart tries to reason with Bluestar the following morning, but she insists that they will attack WindClan – and that she will lead the attack herself. Fireheart naps and tries to ask Spottedleaf what to do, but she only shows him the WindClan moorland and gives him the cryptic message that “This is where a battle will not be fought, and blood will not be spilled,” conveniently failing to mention whether that would happen only if Fireheart takes action, or if he leaves things as they are. Fireheart decides to take matters into his own paws and heads off to visit WindClan. On the way, he discovers Darkstripe taking Bramblekit and Tawnykit to see Tigerstar. He interrupts just before Tigerstar can give a biased account of why he is ShadowClan leader, and brings them back to camp. With the lost time, Fireheart arrives in WindClan territory just before sunset, and they agree to send Ravenpaw to ask Bluestar for a peace talk. The peace talk works; there is no battle. However, Bluestar is now convinced that Fireheart is a traitor. Later in the day, she goes missing, and it turns out that she had gone to visit the Moonstone to challenge StarClan. They warned her of a “pack”, but once again, Fireheart has no idea what it could mean.

The time for apprenticing Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw is coming up, so Fireheart decides upon himself and Brackenfur as their mentors. They tour the territory, and the time finally comes when Fireheart has to answer the young cats questions about their father. At the next Gathering, Tigerstar requests that his kits be brought to ShadowClan, but Bluestar tells him that she will wait until the next moon.

Over the next few days, the Clan slowly continues to recover from the fire. Fireheart assesses the apprentices and suggests to Bluestar that they become warriors, but her fear of them and their mentors being possible traitors makes her refuse (except for Cloudpaw, Firehearts apprentice). Fireheart watches the kits playing, and is unnerved that Bramblekit looks exactly like Tigerstar; Goldenflower notices, and tells Fireheart that she never told her kits about their father, and that she wants Fireheart to be the one to tell them. Brackenfur confides in Fireheart that hes been watching Speckletails kit Snowkit because hes hoping to be made his mentor, and he has noticed that there is something strange with the kit. Fireheart goes to Cinderpelt about it, and she promises to do so, after making the journey to the Moonstone to become a full medicine cat.

Half a moon later, RiverClan tries to claim Sunningrocks back, fighting with the dawn patrol. In the heat of battle, fearing for Bluestars life, Fireheart reveals to Mistyfoot and Stonefur that Bluestar is their mother, but they refuse to accept her. Graystripe warns Fireheart of an attacking Leopardstar, and by that time, ThunderClan reinforcements arrive. RiverClan flees after banishing Graystripe as a traitor. Bluestar decides to make Cloudpaw a warrior. Cloudtails former denmates are furious that they were not made warriors as well, so they sneak out that night to try and confront whatevers loose in the forest. Swiftpaw and Brightpaw end up going – Swiftpaw is killed and Brightpaw gravely injured. The only thing Brightpaw can say is “Pack, pack, kill, kill”, revealing that this “pack” is what did this to her. They do not know if she will die, so Bluestar performs a ceremony where a dying apprentice can be given a warrior name – and names the young cat Lostface as part of her war against StarClan.

Fireheart and Sandstorm hunt near the Treecut place. They dont find any prey, and if there was any to begin with, it was scared away by Firehearts sister Princess shouting his name. She explains that she was worried since he hasnt visited her after the fire, but before she can go home, Twolegs arrive, calling out as if they were looking for someone. Afterward, Fireheart and Sandstorm run into Graystripe along the RiverClan border, and he tells them that Crookedstar is near death, and that Tigerstar has begun visiting the camp. Mistyfoot arrives, saying she cannot find Graypool – the elderly she-cat has been confused lately and may have wandered off. Fireheart finds Graypool, but not in time – Tigerstar meets her first. Believing that hes Oakheart, Graypool wonders aloud why he hasnt asked about the ThunderClan kits he gave her to keep moons ago. This is news to Tigerstar, who tries to coax more information out of her, losing patience and snarling in her face, and she falls down the bank. She hits a rock on the way and is killed by the blow. When Fireheart arrives back at camp, Cinderpelt is examining Snowkit, and announces that hes deaf. Bluestar says that he cannot be a warrior, but does not attempt to comfort Speckletail, and Fireheart realizes that its almost as if she doesnt care.


How did Bluestar lose all her lives?

She hears Oakheart teaching her how to swim long enough to get to their kits, Mistyfoot and Stonefur. She apologizes and soon after they forgive her, she dies shortly after talking to Fireheart — who would succeed her and become Firestar.

Who did Firestar stop from killing Bluestar?

The two cats follow him, then realize that this was why he sent all those patrols, and sent Fireheart to watch Cloudpaw, to plan an attack on ThunderClan with Brokentail and his old allies. Fireheart stops Tigerclaw from killing Bluestar and finally exposes his treachery.

Who did Bluestar love?

She is known as a strong, calm leader. Bluestar fell in love with Oakheart, a RiverClan warrior and brother to Crookedstar, during her days as a warrior (when she was named Bluefur, as seen in The Rise of Scourge and Bluestar’s Prophecy).

What chapter did Bluestar die?

A Dangerous Path/Chapter 27.

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