How Do I Know Which Moen Shower Cartridge I Need

Which Moen replacement cartridge do i need?

Before you can replace your defective Moen shower valve cartridge, you must first be able to identify which type of valve cartridge you have in your particular shower faucet setup. This is done by finding the right cartridge ID number.

How Do I Know Which Moen Shower Cartridge I Need

Fortunately, Moen makes this process fairly simple because, over the last 40-years, they have only made four different types of cartridge valves. These are numbered 1200, 1222, 1225, and 1255. If you bought your Moen shower faucet setup after 2009, you will have either a 1225 or 1255 cartridge in a vast majority of the cases.

The easiest way to find the Moen shower valve replacement cartridge you need is to know the series or model number of your Moen bathroom faucet. Exact information for these comes with any paperwork you have received when you first installed the original shower faucet (hopefully you saved it). If not the series number can be usually be found on the underside of the faucet or on the decorative escutcheon ring that goes around it.

The second way to identify your Moen valve cartridge is to remove the old one. You will do this by first shutting off the hot and cold water feed to your shower. Then proceed with the following steps to remove the valve cartridge to identify it.

  • Take off the faucet handle cover using a flat-bladed screwdriver.
  • Remove the faucet handle screw.
  • Next, take off the faucet handle itself. (You may have to clean off the old caulk and remove a spacer sleeve here too).
  • Remove and ‘SAVE’ the retaining clip.
  • Pull out the old valve cartridge using a Moen extractor tool (these are not cheap – they cost around $30).
  • Once you have removed your Moen valve cartridge, if you are having problems identifying it by the markings on it, you can go here for help to identify the right replacement cartridge part number.

    It has helpful cartridge identifying information. There are even photos there of the different single-handle valve cartridges that Moen makes. You can also call Moen customer assistance at 1-(800)-289-6636 for help.

    Identifying the Brand/Manufacturer of Your Shower Faucet

    Faucets used to be standardized and all have similar internal parts but for a different appearance and style on the outside. The replacement parts could be ordered from multiple suppliers, making for an easy fix. Today, most brands have their own specifications and parts.

    Now there is variance in stems (cartridges), valves, and splines. Because of this, you will need to know how to identify the brand of your faucet before you can fix it. Knowing what youre working with makes it easier to disassemble and fix. You can begin this process by:

  • Looking for the brand.
  • Using a faucet cartridge identification (chart).
  • How to Take Apart a Shower Faucet

    First, start by turning off the water supply. This can be done by locating the cut-off valves (there will be one for hot and one for cold). If you are working on the shower, you will have to locate the main water valve for the house which will be outside along the house or building.


    Are all Moen shower cartridges the same?

    While the Moen 1200 and the Moen 1225 cartridges are interchangeable, the Moen 1222 Posi Temp cartridge is absolutely not interchangeable with the Moen 1225 or 1200. In fact, there isn’t any part that is interchangeable between the Moen 1222 vs 1225 replacement parts.

    How do I find my Moen faucet cartridge model number?

    Exact model numbers can be found on your box or on your instruction sheet. If unavailable, you may find the general family series number on the back of the spout (non pullout).

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