How Many Questions Can You Miss On The Nha Exam

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What percent do you need to pass the NHA exam?

To pass through you’ll need about 78%.

Is the NHA practice test like the real test?

NHA study guides and exercise exams are constructed from exactly the same test plan because the exam. So as the questions about your exam will change compared to ones inside your study guide, the themes covered, and also the weight given each ought to be similar.

What happens if you miss your NHA exam?

Should you don’t pass your exam following the 1st or 2nd attempt, you have to wait thirty days before you’ll be able to retake test. If you don’t pass after your third attempt, you have to wait 12 several weeks to challenge test again.


What percentage do you need to pass the NHA exam?

To pass you need about 78%.

How many questions can you miss on the NHA CCMA exam to pass?

You must answer 78% of the questions correctly to pass.

How is the NHA exam scored?

It’s important to note that all NHA certification exams are scored using the same scoring method. Questions are scored as either correct or incorrect — a correct answer is assigned a score of one and an incorrect answer is assigned a score of zero.

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