How Many Watts Does A Vornado Fan Use

Being energy-efficient is a crucial step in order to protect our future from irreversible damage due to climate change, but temperatures are already rising around the world. Luckily, Energy Smart Vornado fans can help keep us cool without making the Earth hotter.

Some Vornado fans are energy-efficient. Energy Smart Vornado fans claim to use up to 80% less energy while providing more power than and precise airflow than other fans, even other Vornado brand appliances.

The rest of the article below explains what Vornado fans are, what makes them different from regular fans, and why being energy efficient is so important when buying one.

The first Vornado products were duct fans, although they also sell tower fans, humidifiers, and other air conditioning products. Their ergonomic design is meant to be safer, quieter, and more durable than other fans.

They are made of metal or plastic blades attached to a center hub, connected to that center hub is an electric motor, and all of that is encased in a funnel-shaped cylinder or duct mounted on a base. Hence the name duct fan. The specially designed blades create a strong, spiraling airflow known as Vortex Action that constantly circulates the room’s air, Vornado claims to have invented Vortex Action.

According to their website, Energy Smart Vornado fans can use up to 80% less energy while also being more powerful than other fans. Their humidifiers can use as little as 1 watt of energy when in energy smart mode. It should be clarified that only Energy Smart Vornado appliances do this. Other Vornado products that don’t have energy smart technology use just as much energy as any other brand.

For example, The Vornado 133DC is one of their fans with energy smart technology. It promises to cool the entire room with Vortex Action while using 80% less energy and is guaranteed to last for 10 years. They also sell the Vornado Pivot3. This model uses Vortex Action as well, but doesn’t save any energy, and is only guaranteed to last 5 years despite being about the same size.

If you weren’t informed about these differences, you can miss out on all the benefits of Energy Smart technology. Both fans are highly rated, and the Pivot3 is a little cheaper, but you should still be mindful about which type of fan you might want to buy. On that note, you should be aware that Vornado fans cost more than many other household fans.

The regular and Energy Smart fans are about $40 and $50, respectively. That’s expensive for fans that only weigh two pounds. Then again, they also have a lot more to offer.

The Vornado

Vornado is an American firm based in Andover, Kansas, that designs and manufactures household fans and other small appliances related to air circulation. The current incarnation of the company was founded in 1989, two years after the death of Ralph K. Odor (1895-1987), who founded the firm in the 1930s with Ottis A. › Vornado_Air

Energy Smart compact fan features: Efficient DC motor technology – uses between 2 watts of power (300 RPM) and 40 watts on max (2,800 RPM). Provides whole room air circulation – see graphic below. Quality guaranteed – backed by a 5-year warranty.

Is a Vornado fan worth it?

Should you prefer a high-quality fan which goes far above exactly what a normal fan can perform, the Vornado 6303DC is a superb choice. The standard and convenience does have a greater cost tag than more fundamental fans, however the price is worthwhile if you’re seriously interested in remaining awesome.

How efficient is a Vornado heater?

The Vornado – Vortex Heater has top-of-the-line security features, is clean-searching and utilizes a patented Whole Room Vortex Heat Circulation method, which makes it our best electric heater. Within our testing, the Vornado demonstrated it may warm up a 900 cubic-feet bed room over eight levels F within an hour.

How many watts does a fan use?

Managing a fan takes much less electricity than running an ac fans average at approximately 15-90 watts of one’s used, and tower fans use about 100 watts. The very best fans, window fans, towers and whole-house fans only use a small fraction of the power consumed by an aura-conditioner.

The Vornado fans are made, engineered, and supported in Andover, Kansas, the company’s headquarters. However, these fans are produced and offered around the globe.


Do Vornado fans use a lot of electricity?

For a reasonable price, the Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator packs a powerful punch without using a lot of energy—which is exactly what you want in a fan.

How many watts does a Vornado 660 fan use?

How much energy does a Vornado heater consume? At their highest setting, our heaters use a maximum 1500 watts of electricity, drawing 12.5 amps. On the lowest setting, the maximum is 750 watts, drawing 6.25 amps.

How many watts is Vornado?

The heater consists of 3 heat settings, the lower one consumes 750 watts, and the higher one consumes 1500 watts.

Do Vornado heaters use a lot of electricity?

The heater consists of 3 heat settings, the lower one consumes 750 watts, and the higher one consumes 1500 watts.

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