How Much Are Tacos At Taco John’S On Taco Tuesday


Ever heard of Taco Tuesday®? Fun fact: we started it! We even trademarked it. That’s how seriously we take tacos.

If you love Taco Tuesday® like we do, let’s schedule a meeting! You set reminders for everything from weddings, to appointments, to games, so why not for TACOS? No more “oh snap, what’s today?”

Don’t miss out on our specially-priced Crispy Beef Tacos just because you forgot it was Tuesday.

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This isn’t just a meeting – it’s a MEATing!

Taco Tuesday® deals may vary by location.

Since they mainly serve Mexican-inspired food, you know they have many options on their menu. Their menu includes things such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and rolls. In addition, they also have some American-based foods such as boneless chicken wings and taco burger.

Taco John’s is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in Mexican-inspired food which they call West-Mex. Taco John’s prices are considered affordable and you can get a full meal with small drink and small potato oles for around $5.

Founded in 1969 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Taco John’s® has been serving bigger. bolder. better. flavors for more than 50 years. Now, Taco John’s operates and franchises nearly 400 restaurants in 22 states – making it one of the largest Mexican quick-service restaurant brands in America. With bold originals like Potato Olés®, Taco John’s knows how to Olé The Day. Taco John’s prides itself on serving generous portions of its signature menu items that are made-to-order using fresh, high-quality ingredients, seasonings and sauces. The brand was listed No. 2 in the “Mexican Food” category on Entrepreneur’s “Top Food Franchises of 2020” and was recently recognized by QSR Magazine as a “Top 15 Chain Ready to Contend as Fast Food’s Top Players.” Taco John’s is led by CEO Jim Creel, who was named one of “The Most Influential Restaurant CEOs in the Country” by Nation’s Restaurant News in 2022. For more information, visit and follow Taco John’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

Celebrate the Ultimate Taco Twosday with Taco JohnsCheyenne, WY ( The tastiest day of the year has arrived at Taco John’sTaco Twosday!

This year, Feb. 22 marks a once-in-a-lifetime palindrome date, and it just so happens to fall on the popular quick-service’s restaurant’s Taco Tuesday®! As the official creator of Taco Tuesday®, Taco John’s take tacos so seriously that they trademarked the day and is now giving fans the opportunity to never miss a Tuesday through its Taco Tuesday® QR code calendar reminder. The innovative brand developed a unique QR code, so all guests have to do is scan it on their phone, and Taco Tuesday will automatically add to your calendar. You’ll never miss a Taco Tuesday® ever again!

With its fusion of distinctive flavors and south-of-the-border spices, the Taco John’s menu offers several signature items, including Meat & Potato Burritos, Stuffed Grilled Tacos, Potato Olés® and bold and craveworthy Fried Chicken Tacos. Taco John’s features signature specials like Taco Tuesday®, discounted breakfast burritos on Wake Up Wednesday!® and the everyday $1-$2-$3 ValuEST Menu. Download the Taco John’s App and like Taco John’s Facebook page for exclusive deals.

To make sure you never miss a Taco Tuesday, fans can put the date in their calendar by visiting!


Is it Taco Tuesday or Tuesday taco?

Taco Tuesday is a custom in many US cities of going out to eat tacos or in some cases select Mexican dishes typically served in a tortilla on Tuesday nights. Restaurants will often offer special prices, for example, “$1 fish tacos every Tuesday night”.

Does Taco John’s use real meat?

Fighting to Use the Phrase Taco Tuesday

In 1989, Taco Tuesday® became a legal registered trademark of the Taco John’s restaurant chain. The only state that this trademark doesn’t apply is in New Jersey, seeing as Taco Tuesday was already trademarked by another business, several years earlier—but we’ll return to that.

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