How To Do A Shadow Clone Jutsu

Narutos shadow clones make up the bulk of fighting style, but no one seems to realize that they are a tool with many advantages outside of combat.

Shadow Clone jutsu is a staple jutsu in Narutos arsenal, woven into almost every aspect of his ninja life and fighting style. Shadow clones have been used to help Naruto speed up the training of a new jutsu, and also help with reconnaissance around Konoha. Naruto has mastered the jutsu, but an often overlooked fact is that everyone is capable of creating shadow clones, and that even one is more effective than anyone realizes.

Shadow Clone jutsu is a forbidden jutsu that can be very dangerous when used carelessly. It works by dividing the users chakra equally among each clone, and therefore overuse can quickly lead to a chakra depletion resulting in death. Thanks to the massive chakra reserves of Kurama, Naruto can create shadow clones (though he recently lost that power) without too much risk, but the same cant be said for others. Most ninjas can only produce three or four.

Even though the jutsu comes with a high level of risk, there is a great deal of potential that comes with it. When a shadow clone is dispersed, the experiences and memories of the clone are transferred back to the caster. This is why they are able to help with the aforementioned training and reconnaissance. However, despite everyone being able to use the jutsu, Naruto is the only one seen taking advantage of this aspect. There have been several other situations that could have gone a lot differently if shadow clones were involved.

One instance of shadow clones being helpful is the current happenings of Boruto, where Shikamaru is dealing with Eida, Amado, and Code. Eida has the power to infatuate all those in her presence, save for family members and Otsutsuki. This makes dealing with her not only difficult, but incredibly dangerous as well, but that can be avoided with shadow clones. First and foremost, shadow clones are simply chakra, so Eidas ability shouldnt work on them, but if they did succumb to it, dispersing them would alleviate the infatuation, and any knowledge gained would go back to the caster, who is assumedly far away from Eida. Granted, Shikamarus genius plan in Boruto to draw out Code wouldnt have worked with shadow clones and Eida was a monkey wrench in that equation, but from here on out, any interaction with Eida should be conducted with shadow clones.

Thats just one example based on the current events of Boruto, but its not hard to imagine how shadow clones could have benefitted a number of other characters throughout the Naruto franchise. There are several ninjas intelligent enough to be aware of the risk and use the jutsu tactfully, but it seems that the true strength of the Shadow Clone jutsu is overlooked for Narutos flashy combat style.

Doing the Shadow Clone jutsu is simple. You need to put your fingers in a cross formation. Both the index and middle finger must be out, right hand vertical, left hand horizontal. Next, you have to build up your chakra energy evenly so no energy is wasted.

Five Release Great Combo Technique

A Jutsu that is seen used by the Third Hokage. Since he has a mastery over all five elements, Hiruzen creates four shadow clones of himself. Each Shadow Clone performs one elemental attack, combining to make the Five Release Great Combo Technique.

How to do shadow clone Jutsu? How is it performed? (Shadow clone Jutsu Hand signs)

You will notice that there is an entire ritual Narutofollows to create these chakra clones. And as it might be fascinating to try itin real life, you might be curious about this technique. The secret stays inthe position of the hands and precise use of the fingers.

The fingers plus Hand sign

How To Do A Shadow Clone Jutsu

The technique used by Naruto to split his chakra into asmany clones as he chooses is based on his fingers. To replicate the shadowclone Jutsu you will need to use both of your hands and, especially the indexfinger of one hand and middle finger of another hand.

Lift your hands at the same height as your eyes just straight enough to be able to see them clearly. You will have to bend your elbows in order to bring your fingers together. Once your hands can touch each other, raise your middle finger from your left hand, leaving the other four fingers in the fist position. Simultaneously, raise the index finger from your right hand while keeping the rest of them gathered in a fist position as well.

You will place the right-hand index finger in a horizontal position behind the vertical middle finger from your left hand. This will create a cross sign or a plus sign, depending on how you create it. Keep the plus sign in front of your eyes and say the magic sentence that will multiply your chakra into as many clones as you want, being it less than five or more than five.

Make sure to keep your hands lifted and your fingers inthe plus sign until the clones are created. Even if you should pay attention toyour hands and fingers to create this technique, you have to also focus on yourenemy. This will help you direct your chakra clones to follow your actions andget the result you want from the fight.

In the Naruto series, one can’t make the multi shadowclone unless they have enough chakra to support it. This is essential for thesuccess of such a powerful Jutsu technique and it shouldn’t be wasted. For thisreason, only the powerful ninja masters can clone themselves into severalreplicas.

It is important to note that this technique will not be possible with tied hands. so, you will need free hands and complete control over your fingers to perform it. You will have to make the same plus sign with your middle finger and index finger regardless of how many clones you want to create in one scheme.

Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken

These are different Rasenshuriken which contain the different chakra of the tailed beasts. There are nine different kinds, and each one is carried by a different Shadow Clone.


Is Shadow Clone jutsu hard?

Unlike the basic Clone Technique, shadow clones are physically real. They possess the same clothing, damage, and transformations as the user at the time of their creation. Most tools and weaponry are copied when the shadow clones are created, but certain chakra constructs and complicated technology won’t be duplicated.

How can Naruto do multi shadow clone jutsu?

It’s a forbidden technique because of the amount of chakra required to perform this jutsu. Running completely out of chakra results in death, so it would be dangerous to just let anyone learn this jutsu. Even Kakashi has to be careful with when and how he uses shadow clones.

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