How To Set Up Simplisafe Key Fob

Is SimpliSafe easy to install? It is when you have a little help. Let our start-to-finish SimpliSafe installation guide be your right-hand pal as you get ready to protect your home. We walk you through every step of the process to help make your SimpliSafe installation as easy and successful as possible.

Believe me, these pregame tips will make your SimpliSafe installation painless. Fortunately for you, I already made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Installing Your Key Fob
  1. Press Menu, enter your Master PIN, and open Devices.
  2. Select Add device.
  3. Scroll down to Key Fob, and click Add.
  4. Press and hold the red panic button located on the top of the Key Fob for 2 seconds, and release to add the component to your system.
  5. Name your Key Fob.

Think about where you want to put stuff

The installation moves along at a pretty brisk clip, so I recommend deciding in advance where you want your security system components to live.

  • Base station: You want a central location and a dedicated power outlet (not one connected to a light switch that could be accidentally turned off). And you don’t want to place it on the floor. I have a fairly small, one-level home, so I put it on a desk in my entry hallway where I could hear it in the living room, kitchen, or bedrooms.
  • Keypad: We recommend putting the keypad wherever it will be most convenient; near the door that you use the most is a good place to start. And you need to think about the distance between the base station and the keypad. SimpliSafe recommends keeping them 10 to 100 feet apart.
  • Entry sensors: These are the sensors that guard your doors and windows. Think of them like motion detectors. During setup, you need to name each of them, so it will help move things along if you already know that you want one on the front door, one on the back door, and one on the kids’ bedroom window.
  • You can practice placing sensors. You need to line up the magnets, so if you check it out in advance (and even mark the placement for later reference), you’ll be all set when it’s time to activate them and stick them up for real.

    I tend to get flustered when I set up new technology or build a new Ikea table, so I always make a plan to diffuse myself. Put on some happy music, grab a relaxing beverage, and take some deep breaths. Now, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty.

    Review the SimpliSafe setup guide

    I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s the smart thing to do. And we know you’re smart because you’re taking steps to keep your home and loved ones safe. Seriously, though, SimpliSafe Home Security did a great job on this guide and it will help you along the way.

    SimpliSafe offers one of the most reliable ways on protecting your smart home. They have a wide range of devices, each aimed at offering you a secure and happy life. Through their products, you can rest assured that both your house and the ones you love are protected.

    It goes without saying that you have the ability to monitor your house at all times. But even when you are not, the monitoring team at SimpliSafe will monitor 24/7 and will let you know as soon as they see something out of order. In a dangerous situation, they will also dispatch the police.

    If you have tried everything but the issue persists, you may as well have a faulty device or a technical issue. In either way, you will have to contact the support team. They will have your device replaced if it’s faulty. Even if it is not, you can expect them to help you resolve the issue.

    Another reason for this issue could be due to a faulty device. Weirdly enough, we have seen dozens of users receiving a faulty device. Most of them mentioned how their device lasted for a week or a month at the very best. For others, the device didn’t work right from the start.


    Does SimpliSafe have key fobs?

    Our Key Fob works just like your car’s. You can arm and disarm your whole home with the push of a button—from up to 30′ away. With a monitoring plan, you can press the Panic Button to alert our monitoring center immediately if there’s an emergency.

    Does the SimpliSafe FOB have a battery?

    Control your security system remotely with this SimpliSafe key fob. It has buttons to disarm and arm the system before you enter or leave for convenience and safety.

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