Is Lampe Berger Safe

Lampe Berger is an alcohol based fragrance that burns clean and does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals. The patented catalytic burner draws air through the heated stone and removes odours and bacteria while releasing the fragrance that is in the lamp.

Lampe Berger Fragrance vs Pet Safety

If you have pets, particularly cats, you may have read recommendations to avoid using essential oils with high salicylates or phenol content anywhere near them and any others that you do use should be well diluted.

Lampe Berger fragrances are ideal as they are well diluted by an alcohol base. I have used many different fragrances over the past 20 years and have never had a cat suffer any adverse reaction or health issues. I always place the lamp out of their reach and never burn it for much more than 20 minutes in any room.

If you are still not sure you can really dilute any Lampe Berger fragrance with a neutral base called So Neutral – there’s more about this coming up.

When a lamp is first lit, a small flame burns so obviously this should be placed well away from pets. After a couple of minutes, the flame is extinguished by gently blowing it out as you would a candle.

The catalytic burner remains hot until capped. A decorative guard is provided for safety (see the photo above) but it is still best to place a lamp where it can’t be knocked over.

For more information regarding the safety of fragrances containing essential oils when you have cats, I recommend you read Essential Oil and Cats over at (opens in a new tab).

Let’s look at a few select fragrances in more detail.

Is Lampe Berger safe for baby?

Yes, you can use a Lampe Berger in the presence of children, as long as you follow the recommendations for use and ensure that children do not handle the lamp themselves and that the lamp is not within their reach. How should I choose my first lamp?

Lampe Berger Fresh Eucalyptus Fragrance

Fresh Eucalyptus is a wonderful fragrance for those who prefer subtle scents. It’s a mix of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and mint and after 20 minutes of diffusing bad smells will be banished and the fresh hint of this fragrance will remain.

If you’re new to the world of Lampe Berger, here’s a perfect first lamp to purchase. It’s a great price, simple and stylish and will blend perfectly into any home. Being clear, it enables you to see when you need to add more fragrance which is a good idea until you get used to using this type of diffuser.

Is Lampe Berger Safe


How long can you leave a Lampe Berger on?

How long should I burn my lamp? If you haven’t burned a Lampe Berger in your home before or at least in a few days you will need to burn your Lampe Berger 1 hour for every 600sq. ft. of home the first time, and then repeat every day after that for 30 minutes for up to 2000sq ft.

What is the difference between Lampe Berger and Maison Berger?

Taken from Lampe Berger

The lamp purifies the air through eliminating odor-causing molecules and bacteria. Lampe Burger uses a catalytic burner that heats to burn an alcohol-based liquid fuel. The alcohol releases molecules into the air that eliminate odor while diffusing scent at the same time.

Is Lampe Berger effective?


As the name “Lampe Berger” no longer reflects the diversity of the brand’s creations, we have rebranded it as “Maison Berger Paris” to honor a unique place of creation and inspiration where French passion for the arts, air pur and home fragrances reigns.

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