Kenmore Washer Stops Mid Cycle

If the washer stops mid-cycle the main control board might be defective. This is not common. Check other causes first such as the lid or door switch and other components. If the washer stops mid cycle the timer might be defective.

The control board should be checked for wear such as any potential scorching, corrosion, or rusted or damaged wiring. However, even if visible damage cannot be found, the control board should be tested with a multimeter. This becomes especially true if you noticed a lot of other different problems before it started stopping in the middle of the wash. Control board problems in any appliance rarely come with just one symptom. Instead, you will notice many, probably easy to ignore, symptoms before something major gets in your way.

Both the lid switch and the door lock on your washer are two different parts that play the same role – they won’t let your washer run when the door is open. In the door lock’s case, it keeps the door closed during the wash cycle when clothing may be able to push an unlocked door open during agitation. Regardless, if either is faulty then they may prevent the washer from either starting or could end the wash prematurely because it thinks the door is open or not locked.

If the drain hose in your washer becomes clogged, it can stop the washer mid-cycle as it activates a pressure switch. This prevents more catastrophic problems by just shutting off the washer until the clogged hose is fixed. You can check for clogged hoses quickly by disconnecting them and blowing air through to make sure that everything flows properly. You will first, however, want to get as much water out of the washer as possible before disconnecting the hose.

However, this is actually kind of a boon to you. By actually performing some function before it stops, it can help you get down to the root cause faster than if the washer does nothing at all. If your washer seems to stop mid-cycle, there are quite a few potential causes to check, but each cause comes with its own unique signs in most cases.

You will want to check to see if the door can be wiggled when closed. This can be a sign that it is not locking properly as an engaged lock will make it quite secure. You will also want to make sure that the lid switch is actually being hit properly and it not obstructed in any way. There are ways to bypass the lid switch so that the cycle will finish, and by doing so it can concretely tell you if it is faulty. is a free online portal for all of your Appliance DIY repair needs. With a growing library of free repair videos, we have the video you need to complete your next repair with confidence. Our videos have been produced, reviewed, and tested by our factory certified technicians with over 30 years of infield experience.

If your washer stops while it’s still full of water, you will need to figure out how to get the water out without completely wrecking your laundry room. The first thing you need to do is grab plenty of old towels and buckets or anything you can use to catch the water. While you might not want to disconnect any hoses on your own, it’s best to have everything handy before the repair technicians arrive. Different makes and models mean that every washer is different. All the more reason to hire an expert.

The first thing to check is your power supply. If the power goes out in the middle of your wash cycle, it’s obvious that your washer will turn off too. Similarly, if the plug you’re using for your washer is faulty, your washer will stop working. So, before doing anything else, make sure that you check your power supply and test the plug. If none of these are to blame, it’s time to consider possible faults with your washer.

The pump could also be to blame if your washer is failing to drain. Old washers used pumps that were run off the motor. Today, however, the newer models use self-contained pumps, and they tend to be less reliable. This kind of problem can be tricky to diagnose and, rather than stripping your washer and potentially making the problems worse, call your local appliance repair specialist for fast, reliable repairs.

One thing that you can check yourself is the lid switch. When you close the lid or door of your washer, there is a sensor that tells the washer it is properly closed. If this switch malfunctions or breaks, the washer will “think” that the door is still open and it may not start, or it could stop before running the spin cycle. If this is the case, the switch should be replaced by a professional. Not only will they be able to get the appropriate part, but they will also be able to perform reliable repairs.

When you load your washer and select the wash cycle, you might not give it a second thought. That is, until your washer stops working mid cycle. There are a number of possible causes for your washing machine not working as it should. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can check before calling in the professionals.


Why does my washer keep stopping mid cycle?

If a washer stops mid-cycle, it could be because the pump or the motor that runs it has failed. When this happens, it cannot remove the water efficiently, pump water in, and thus the sensors won’t allow it to move to the next cycle.

How do you fix a washer that stops mid cycle?

To fix a washing machine that stops mid-cycle, try a master reset by first unplugging the washing machine to reset the computer. After 1 minute, plug your machine back in, then open and close the door 6 times in 12 seconds to signal the computer to reset.

How do you reset a Kenmore washing machine?

Many washing machines will fill with water while the lid is open, but the washing machine will not progress past this point until the lid is closed. If the lid is closed, check that the lid switch is not stuck into position or has not caught in place to close firmly.

What does it mean when your washer fills up then stops?

Many washing machines will fill with water while the lid is open, but the washing machine will not progress past this point until the lid is closed. If the lid is closed, check that the lid switch is not stuck into position or has not caught in place to close firmly.

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