Mad Dog 357 is notorious in the hot sauce industry for making blazing hot sauces. In 2016, they celebrated 25 years of business with an all new anniversary sauce. Today, we had the privilege of trying Mad Dog 357 Gold edition hot sauce. Oh brother.

Gold Edition Hot Sauce | Mad Dog 357

What s do you conjure in your mind’s eye when you think about gold. Does it glitter and shine? Or is it an unpolished rock found underneath the Earth’s surface? Either way, we’re sure you’ve dreamt of liquid gold. And weve got just the thing.

You see, gold doesn’t always glitter. Sometimes it burns. It’s one of the few precious and rare materials people can’t get enough of. We say the same about the new Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition. It burns like nothing else on earth and takes rarity to a whole new level.

This bottle is packed with original Mad Dog flavor and pumped with 9 million Scoville Plutonium Extract. The combination gives this hot sauce an intoxicating 1 million Scoville of golden heat. It may not glitter, but this Mad Dog is definitely gold. 5 fl oz.

Ingredients: Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost peppers, red wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, fresh chopped onions & garlic, natural sugar, fresh lime juice, Chile extract & xanthan gum.

Because of the extreme heat levels reached with Mr. Ashley’s Mad Dog 357 products, all of his options are made in small batch production runs to ensure quality and consistency. The variety of Mad Dog 357 sauces and extracts contain all natural ingredients – fresh picked peppers, unsulphered molasses, vine ripened tomatoes and the rare Peri Peri Pepper picked directly from African crops.

Mad Dog 357 brand and his liquid gold addition brings a holy shi* liquid sauce that will leave you wishing for more than a stream of gold in them thar hills – a stream of frozen toilet paper will be your preferred choice of the two.

Mr. Ashley is celebrating his 25th year adding to the Mad Dog 357 brand and his liquid gold addition brings a holy shi* liquid sauce that will leave you wishing for more than a stream of gold in them thar hills – a stream of frozen toilet paper will be your preferred choice of the two. This little brother to the Mad Dog pepper extract family is nothin’ to bully! This scrappy extract holds his own, hitting hard with a over 1,000,000 Scoville Units behind that left hook. Mad Dog Pepper Extracts are crafted from pure HPLC certified capsicum and the clean tasting heat and sparkling flavor are consistent throughout the entire arsenal. The Mad Dog 357 Gold addition is a great start or supplement to any hot sauce collection.

Give any of our Mad Dog 357 sauces a try – they will have your taste buds bouncing like Mexican jumping beans.

The Mad Dog 357 arsenal includes a relatively mild Mad Dog 357 Green Amigo all the way up to a potentially life threatening (not really) 9,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit Plutonium Pepper Extract. Our best selling pepper extract and the hottest sauce a customer can sample in our store, is the Mad Dog 357 Collector’s Edition rated at 600,000 Scoville Heat Units. Quite frankly, I am afraid to sample anything hotter to a customer without requesting that they sign a waiver.

Mad Dog 357 Scoville & Spiciness

Now for the fun part. You don’t have to look far to find out how high this hot sauce ranks on the Scoville scale. Mad Dog 357 has a brand name based on the scale, as the first edition of their sauce had a 357,000 SHU Scoville rating. So it is no wonder that the rating is proudly displayed right on the bottle.

Put simply, Mad Dog 357 hot sauce comes in at a whopping 1,000,000+ SHUs on the Scoville scale. This is a huge number for any sauce, and it definitely bites harder than any natural sauce we have tried.

No wonder there are repeated warnings dedicated to 1/3 of the label…

The heat level is what Mad Dog 357 is all about. If you want to have some of the hottest sauce on the market on tap for special occasions, this will fit the bill. In small quantities, it is tolerable. However, anything more than a few drops and you’ll be feeling the burn, STRONG.


How many Scoville units is Mad Dog 357?

About this item. Our Original Mad Dog 357 is one of the most powerful sauces in the world, and it will take your breath away with its 357,000 Scoville Heat Units. 160,000 SHU Cayenne peppers, fiery hot red Habanero peppers, and a whopping 3 Million Scoville pepper extract pack an extreme punch that will blow you away!

Why is Mad Dog 357 so hot?

Mad Dog is the hottest sauce in the world

This isn’t just a fancy title or marketing bravado, this is the real deal. The sauce is made directly with 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract, which is 60% pure capsicum — capsicum is the source of all that heat and spice you find in most normal peppers, via The Manual.

Is Da Bomb hotter than Mad Dog 357?

With extract, apricot nectar, habaneros, and other various spices, you may think that Da Bomb The Final Answer is a pretty safe bet. But thanks to its 1.5 million SHUs, you’d be wrong. Sure, it’s no Mad Dog 357 No.

Does Mad Dog 357 taste good?

It has a Smokey, kind of a little hint of sweet taste to it. I really liked it because most hot sauces you buy at the store have a strong vinegar taste and are watery. This hot sauce is VERY spicy!

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