Mike Chen Chili Oil

Spot welding marks are visible on the side and bottom of the pot. This is not a defect and is part of how the pots are made.

Some of the items in these s are not included in the kit but are shown to demonstrate serving suggestions.

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Food: Fried Bean Curd Rolls Baby Shiitake Mushrooms Wood Ear Mushrooms Seaweed Knots Rice Vermicelli Ramen Noodles Thin Hotpot Noodles Thick Ripped Noodles Spam Dried Bean Curd Firm Tofu Sauces: Chinese BBQ Sauce Chili Oil Fried Garlic Soy Sauce Sesame Oil Sesame Paste Peanut Butter Rich Tomato Soup Base: Mildly sweet and savory broth for the ultimate hotpot experience with friends and family. This tomato broth is made by simmering farm fresh ripened tomatoes with Chongqing spices and vegetable oil. Chongqing Heat Soup Base: Made with authentic Sichuan Chili peppers, this spicy soup base is a fiery Mala (麻辣) broth. Get your senses ready for an adventure as you cook your food in this aromatic blend of herbs and spices. Soup Enhancers: Spicy Tomato Tools: 304 Stainless Steel Dual Hot Pot (30cm) 2 Ladles 2 Pairs of Hotpot Chopsticks 2 “Hotpot Head” Aprons

Please note: This kit does not include a hot plate or induction stove, however, the pot does work with both.


Does Mike Chen own strictly dumpling?

In addition to running Strictly Dumpling, Chen also runs the YouTube channels Cook With Mikey (previously Pho the Love of Food), Eat With Mikey, Beyond Science, Mike Chen, The Chen Dynasty (previously The Double Chen Show), and The CheNews (previously The Double Chen News).

Is Mike Chen Korean?

Born and raised in Xi’an, China, Chen moved to the United States when he was eight.

Is Lao Gan Ma chili oil?

Lao Gan Ma is credited with popularizing Chinese chili oil and chili crisp condiments in the western world, and have inspired many Chinese-American chili-based condiments and sauces.

What is chili oil good for?

Chili oil is a great way to marinate chicken, shrimp, or pork—brush the meat lightly with chili oil and then give it a dusting of salt and pepper. Refrigerate it briefly to allow the meat to pick up the flavors before grilling. Or drizzle a bit of chili oil over cooked meat or fish as a finishing sauce.

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