Missouri Mega Millions Numbers

Mega Millions/September 13, 2022

Fri, Sep-16-2022, 11:00 PM (US/Eastern)Next Jackpot :

We have compiled a frequency chart that shows how many times the numbers were picked in the Mega Millions game. Through our system, you will learn to find the patterns, which will increase your odds of winning.

What are the MO Mega Millions Draw Times?

Sales cut-off time on draw nights is 8:59 pm CT. Approximately 1 hour prior to draw time.

Draw Times
Sunday No Draw
Monday No Draw
Tuesday 10:00 pm CT
Wednesday No Draw
Thursday No Draw
Friday 10:00 pm CT
Saturday No Draw

Playing Mega Millions®

A: Mega Millions® drawings are held in Atlanta, Georgia. Past draws are available to watch online here: Mega Millions Past Drawings

A: Yes. The five white ball numbers and the one Megaball® number are drawn from separate sets of balls, so the Megaball® number could be the same as one of the white ball numbers.

A: Whether you pick your own numbers or have the terminal randomly select numbers for you, the odds of winning are the same.

A: Megaplier® can be added to any Mega Millions® play as an option to increase non-jackpot winnings up to five times. A multiplier of 2, 3, 4 or 5 is randomly selected during the drawing for determining Megaplier® prizes.

A: Mega Millions is available through 45 state lotteries plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Do you win anything for 1 Mega Millions number?

Two numbers will not win you anything in Mega Millions, unless one of the numbers is the Mega Ball.

How many number do you need to win something on Mega Millions?

Matching one number and the “Mega Ball” is worth $4, and matching the “Mega Ball” is worth a $2 prize.

How much is 2 winning numbers in Mega Millions?

Matching four numbers plus the “Mega Ball” would net the player $10,000. Matching four numbers without the “Mega Ball” would earn the player a $500 prize. Matching three numbers and the “Mega Ball” is worth $200. Matching three numbers, or matching two numbers and the “Mega Ball,” will win a player $10.

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