Moe’S Hard Rock And Roll Sauce

Below are the nutrition facts and Weight Watchers points for a Hard Rock And Roll Hot Sauce from Moes Southwest Grill .

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Moe’s Hard Rock And Roll Hot Sauce Calories

There are 6 calories in a Hard Rock And Roll Hot Sauce from Moes. Most of those calories come from fat (53%). — Advertisement. Content continues below —

Why is it impossible to find the recipe for Hard Rock and Roll Sauce?

Coca-Cola, KFC, Pepsi, and Mc Donalds Big Mac Sauce are all top secret recipes that are kept under utmost security measures. Therefore it is really hard to find the exact recipes for that. These secret recipes are not prepared at restaurants so that the chances of the recipe being disclosed are kept to a minimum.


What is Moe’s hot sauce called?

El Guapo. This medium-heat salsa made with all-natural fire-roasted tomatoes brings out the man in you.

What is in Moe’s spicy chicken?

Spicy Chicken, available until May 29, is all-natural adobo chicken tossed with Moe’s Hard Rock ‘N Roll sauce and fresh diced jalapenos to add just the right amount of heat to customers’ favorite entree, Meal Kit or catering.

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