Monterey Peninsula Country Club Membership Cost

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Not far from the iconic Pebble Beach Links on the Californian coast is the less celebrated – though still breathtaking – Monterey Peninsula Country Club. The club comprises two courses, the Dunes and the Shore. Both courses benefit from creatively laid-out holes. However, the Shore Course has garnered the most acclaim in recent years.

It boasts fairways situated among trees so players can “dance among the cypress”, in the words of course architect Mike Strantz, who completed the restoration of the formerly unremarkable course in 2004. Meanwhile, the course makes excellent use of natural rock formations. For example, the par 3 11th features an elevated tee atop a natural granite rock offering stunning views of the green and the Pacific Ocean beyond it.

That proximity to the ocean and its accompanying breezes makes the course challenging as well as breathtaking, so it’s little wonder that the Shore Course has hosted the PGA Tour’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am in recent years, which it co-hosts with Spyglass Hill. But how can you play the Monterey Peninsula? The Monterey Peninsula Country Club is a private club. Because of this, arranging a round there is more difficult than the nearby Pebble Beach Links, which is open to the public. ( credit: Getty s)

Of course, you can become a member. However, this is far from a cheap option. Initiation fees are reportedly around $300,000, while monthly dues are over $1000. Meanwhile, membership to the club is via invitation only. Therefore, perhaps the best option, short of qualifying for the PGA Tour or becoming a caddie, is to know one of the course’s 1,100 members. Then, if you do, before long, a truly unique golfing experience could be yours to savour.

These are the Dunes and the Shore Course. Even if you’re not a player (or just starting to learn), you’ll love the breathtaking views as you move along the holes. The Shore Course is regularly featured among the Top 100 golf courses in the country, though the Dunes is excellent as well.

Membership offers plenty of excellent dining venues here. These include the Beach House, which offers a fantastic view on the shore. This is mainly for private parties and special events (anniversaries, etc.)

Another Popular option is the Chef’s Table. This is a private dining venue in the main kitchen, with seating for 6 to 8 people.

A recent report from a real estate agent website ( claimed that 2 of their real estate agents were Proprietary members. These agents reported that the initiation fees were $300,000 while the monthly dues were $1,194.

Women’s Private Dining – The ladies have their own private space, and this is adjacent to the women’s locker room.

How many members does Monterey Peninsula Country Club have?

Monterey Peninsula Country Club is a private-member golf club with over 1,100 members. Membership to the club is by invitation only. The average age of the membership is 69.

Monterey Peninsula Country Club overview

The club offers two golf course options: the Shore Course, a course originally designed by Robert Baldock in 1960 and then redesigned in 2003 by Mike Strantz, and the Dunes Course, the original course designed in 1924 by Seth Raynor and later redesigned in 1998 by Reese Jones. In 2016, the Fazio Design Group opened the highly anticipated new course, according to the club.

7 a la carte dining options are available, including Loggia, the Main Dining Room, the Grill, the Dunes Shelter, Shore Shelter, the Men’s Private Dining Room and the Women’s Private Dining Room. The Beach House, a scenic house on the shore, is also available for parties and special events.

Green fees will apply to non-members, and these fees will depend on the time of the week and whether it’s an accompanied or non-accompanied rate.

A food and beverage minimum fee applies, but at this time, it’s unknown.


How much does it cost to join Monterey Country Club?

Membership Costs

These agents reported that the initiation fees were $300,000 while the monthly dues were $1,194. Another source of information was a job posting at the website. The posting included more information, and stated that the initiation fee was $275,000. The annual dues were $10,800.

How many members are in the Monterey Peninsula Country Club?

Monterey Peninsula Country Club is a private-member golf club that caters to a diverse Membership of more than 1,100 Members. Located on the Monterey Peninsula in Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula Country Club sits on over 400 acres of forest, dunes and coastal landscape, a perfect setting two top-rated golf courses.

What is the most exclusive golf club in California?

MPCC is a private club, and a relatively busy one.

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