Oakland Holly Growth Rate

Growing Oakland Holly Trees

It is a vigorous grower, adding 12 inches or more a year until it reaches 15 or even 20 feet in height.

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s shown may be of mature plants.

Oakland hollies are suited to almost any Texas soils as long as they have a consistent supply of moisture. The plants don’t really wilt, so it’s easy for them to pass the permanent wilting point before you realize that they’re in serious distress. Water them by hand with a garden hose and water breaker for their first couple of years in your landscape. Growing them in rich, highly organic soils helps hold in the moisture.Continued BelowAdvertisement

If you’re looking for a plant to replace the disease-ridden Italian cypress or Blue Point junipers, Oakland hollies might be the one. And I might add, they make handsome living Christmas trees with lights in your yard.

Little shearing will be needed to maintain their pyramidal form. Insects will rarely be a problem, and I’ve never seen a disease on any of the plants I’ve been around.

They’re sold in all sizes in Texas nurseries, from 7- to 40-gallon pots and probably larger, so you can get instant gratification if that’s what you seek. If you’re using them as a screen, space the plants 6 to 8 feet apart in the row. If you’re using them to frame your front door, plant them 5 or 6 feet away from the walk and the house.

Then I found out that Oakland was a selection of Oak Leaf made from a branch sport on a plant at a wholesale nursery in southern Mississippi. It was propagated, named and patented, then introduced only a couple of years behind its maternal parent, and now it’s by far the more common.

Do Oakland Holly Trees or Oak Leaf Holly Trees need a male tree to produce berries?

The Oak Leaf and Oakland Holly Trees are a hermaphroditic plant. They have both the male and female parts in their flowers needed to produce berries, so they do not need a pollinator holly to be planted nearby.


How big does an Oakland Holly get?

For seamless plantings, plant your Oakland Holly 6 feet apart. Space them 9+ feet apart for gaps between the plants.

How long does it take for holly to grow?

Oak Leaf holly is an upright grower capable of reaching 20 feet in height with a spread of at least eight feet. It has a columnar form approaching a pyramidal shape but doesn’t quite achieve it.

Is Oakland Holly evergreen?

Growing holly from seed can be difficult as the seed germination is slow, requiring anywhere from sixteen months to three years. In addition, it can take another three years before the holly shrubs produce any flowers.

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