Poe Skill Point Quests

The PoE Acts system can be confusing to newerplayers, so we’re going to go over all the parts that can be confusing –focusing on which acts have passive skill points, and a few acts with specialthings within them.

Path Of Exile skill point quests and locations

Here’s a list of every quest in the Path of Exile campaign that rewards Books of Skill.

  • The Dweller of the Deep (Act 1) – Defeat the Dweller of the Deep in the Flooded Depths
  • The Marooned Mariner (Act 1) – Recover the Allflame and defeat Captain Fairgraves in The Ship Graveyard
  • The Way Forward (Acts 1 and 2) – Return to Lioneye’s Watch and speak to any character after clearing the road in Act 2
  • Victario’s Secrets (Act 3) – Find the three Platinum Busts in the Sewers
  • Piety’s Pets (Act 3) – Defeat Piety in the The Lunaris Temple Level 2
  • An Indomitable Spirit (Act 4) – Interact with Desheret’s spirit in The Mines Level 2
  • In Service to Science (Act 5) – Find the Miasmeter in the Control Blocks
  • Kitava’s Torments (Act 5) – Find Kitava’s Torments in The Reliquary
  • The Father of War (Act 6) – Defeat Tukohama in The Karui Fortress
  • The Puppet Mistress (Act 6) – Defeat Ryslatha in The Wetlands
  • The Cloven One (Act 6) – Defeat Alberon in Prisoner’s Gate
  • The Master of a Million Faces (Act 7) – Defeat Ralakesh in The Forest Encampment
  • Queen of Despair (Act 7) – Defeat Gruthkul in the Dread Thicket
  • Kishara’s Star (Act 7) – Find Kishara’s Star in The Causeway
  • Reflection of Terror (Act 8) – Defeat Yugul in the High Gardens
  • Love is Dead (Act 8) – Defeat Tolman at the Quay
  • The Gemling Legion (Act 8) – Defeat the Gemling Legion at the Grain Gate
  • The Ruler of Highgate (Act 9) – Defeat Kira then give the Sekhema Feather to either Irasha or Tasuni in Highgate
  • Queen of the Sands (Act 9) – Defeat Shakari in The Oasis
  • Vilenta’s Vengeance (Act 10) – Defeat Vilenta in the Control Blocks
  • An End to Hunger (Act 10) – Defeat Kitava in the Feeding Trough
  • Once you’ve defeated Kitava in Act 10 to complete the campaign, you can type “/passives” in the chat window to return a list of passive point rewards. This is a great way to check if you missed any, but it isn’t an option until you’ve finished the campaign on that character. Refer to the list above on your way through the campaign to avoid any potential backtracking.

    List of skill points as quest rewards

    Several quests in the storyline reward characters with points to spend on the passive tree. There are 22-24 total, depending on your choices during the Bandit quest.

    Act Quest Skill points
    Act 1 The Dweller of the Deep 1
    Act 1 The Marooned Mariner 1
    Act 1 The Way Forward 1
    Act 2 Deal With The Bandits 1 or +2 if the player kills all bandits
    Act 3 Victarios Secrets 1
    Act 3 Pietys Pets 1
    Act 4 An Indomitable Spirit 1
    Act 5 In Service to Science 1
    Act 5 Kitavas Torments 1
    Act 6 The Father of War 1
    Act 6 The Puppet Mistress 1
    Act 6 The Cloven One 1
    Act 7 The Master of a Million Faces 1
    Act 7 Queen of Despair 1
    Act 7 Kisharas Star 1
    Act 8 Love is Dead 1
    Act 8 Reflection of Terror 1
    Act 8 The Gemling Legion 1
    Act 9 Queen of the Sands 1
    Act 9 The Ruler of Highgate 1
    Act 10 Vilentas Vengeance 1
    Act 10 An End to Hunger 2
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  • Where Can I Find SkillPoints in the PoE Acts?

    Starting off easy but important, we’re going to go overall the skill points available throughout the Path of Exile acts, and how toget them. This may seem trivial, but there are up to 24 skill pointshidden throughout the game, and your character will be significantly weaker ifyou don’t collect them all. This is probably the most important part of our PoEActs Guide.

    In act one there are three skill points to collect. ‘Dweller of the Deep’ has you venture into a side zone within the Submerged Passage and track down and kill a monster at the end of it. Return to Tarkleigh in town for your skill book.

    ‘Marooned Mariner’ has you venture inside a sunkenship within the Ship Graveyard, collect the Allflameitem located at theend of it, then take it back to the Ship Graveyard and find Fairgraves. After ashort battle with Fairgraves and his underlings, you can return to Bestelin town for your skill book.

    In ‘The Way Forward’ you are required to ventureinto act two, travel to the Western Forest, defeat the group of bandits in thefar west, and open the gate with the item they drop. Once done, return toBestel in act one for your skill book.

    ‘The Deal with the Bandits’. We’ll discuss this more below, but if you choose to defeat all bandits you can talk to Eramir in town for two skill points.

    ‘Victario’s Secrets’ has you go into The Sewers within the Slums and find three Busts within it. Deliver them to Haragan in town for your skill book.

    ‘Piety’s Pets’ merely has you kill Piety, which isalready required for the main story. Once you have done so, talk to Grigorin town for your skill book.

    ‘An Indomitable Spirit’ can be completed in The Mines, Level Two, by finding and clicking Deshret’s Spirit. Once done, talk to Tasuni in town for your skill book.

    For ‘In Service of Science’ you must find a Miasmeter, located within The Control Blocks, on the far west side. Once you find it, return it to Vilenta for your skill book.

    ‘Kitava’s Torments’ asks you to find threeartifacts within The Reliquary, each named after Kitava. Once you find allthree, return them to Lani in town for your skill book.

    From act six and onwards, most of your skill pointswill be connected to the pantheon gods. Each one that you defeat will openup a new node within your pantheon, as well as grant you a skill point.

    ‘The Father of War’ is both a pantheon god quest, and is also required to progress through the main story. Once you’ve killed Tukohama in The Karui Fortress, head back to town and talk to Tarkleigh for your skill book.

    ‘The Puppet Mistress’ forces you to venture offthe main path for your next pantheon god. Head north of the waypoint in TheRiverways and all the way through The Wetlands to find and defeat the PuppetMistress. Once you have, talk to Tarkleigh for your skill book.

    ‘The Cloven One’ has you find and defeat thepantheon god Abberath in Prisoner’s Gate. Once you’ve found and defeated histwo phases, head to Bestel in town for your skill book.

    ‘The Master of a Million Faces’ is another pantheon god quest that you must complete to continue the story. Once you’ve defeated Gruest in The Ashen Fields, head back to town and talk to Eramir for your reward.

    ‘Queen of Despair’ is a pantheon god quest locatedwithin The Dread Thicket. While you are collecting fireflies, you may notice apit leading into the ground. Enter it to find Gruthkul, the Mother of Despair.Her name is very accurate, as this beast can be quite tough during level, so becareful! Defeat her and talk to Eramir in town for your skill book.

    ‘Kishara’s Star’ asks you to pick up an item called,shockingly; Kashira’s Star, at the end of The Causeway. It’s in a small chestat the very end, right before entering The Vaal City. Take the star toWeylam for your skill book.

    ‘Love is Dead’ has you find an Ankh in the Quay and then bring it to Clarissa near the end of the Quay map. Defeat all the mobs that spawn, then defeat Tolman. Once that’s done, head to town and talk to Clarissa again for your skill point.

    ‘The Gemling Legion’ asks you to defeat a group of mercenaries hanging out in The Grain Gate. Once you’ve done this, talk to Maramoa for your reward.

    ‘Reflection of Terror’, another pantheon god quest, sends you to The High Gardens, an offshoot from The Bath House. Find Yugul at the end of the gardens and defeat him, then talk to Hargan in town for your skill point.

    ‘Queen of the Sands’ is another pantheon god quest that begins with you finding the item Storm Blade from a small gauntlet found in The Vastiri Desert. Once you’ve done this, take the blade to town and alternately talk to Petarus and Vanja, and Sin until you are given The Bottled Storm. Take it to the edge of The Vastiri Desert to open the passage to The Oasis. Enter the Oasis and find Shakari within it. Defeat him and talk to Irasha in town for your skill point.

    ‘The Ruler of Highgate’ is another pantheon godjust off to the side within The Quarry. Find and defeat the tornado bossGarukhan, then talk to Irasha in town for your skill point.

    ‘Vilenta’s Vengeance’ has you track down the traitorous Vilenta in The Control Blocks, found at the far west of The Ravaged Square. Traverse The Control Blocks and defeat her, then talk to Lani for your skill book.

    Epilogue: Once you have defeated Kitava and aretaken to Oriath, talk to Lani once more to receive a skill book worth twoskill points.


    What quests give you skill points Poe?

    Here’s a list of every quest in the Path of Exile campaign that rewards Books of Skill.
    • The Dweller of the Deep (Act 1) – Defeat the Dweller of the Deep in the Flooded Depths.
    • The Marooned Mariner (Act 1) – Recover the Allflame and defeat Captain Fairgraves in The Ship Graveyard.

    How many skill points do you get from quests Poe?

    Characters can accrue 99 passive skill points from levels, 22 or 24 skill points from quests (depending on the choices a player makes in the quest Deal with the Bandits), and 20 skill refund points from quests.

    How many skill points do you get at level 100 Poe?

    A couple points: At lvl100 you will have acquired 99 points through leveling, not 100. Also, don’t plan on ever getting up to 100 points to spend, as it wil be very very difficult to climb into the very high levels. There’s people level 86 already. That’s 104-106 points depending on your bandit choices.

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