R Words To Describe Someone

700+ adjectives that start with R! When you want to describe a noun or a pronoun, you use an adjective. These are words that give you more information about the noun or pronoun. For example, if you said, “He is a man,” you really are not giving much information. But if you said, “He is a rational, relatable man,” then you brought more clarity to the sentence.

The prefix “re” can help make many words into adjectives. “Re” means “again” (or even “again and again”). “Re” can give a completely different meaning to what you are saying. For example, compare the following sentences:

The second sentence tells you that whatever problem there had been with the laundry, it has been corrected, and it has be folded again.

Adjectives that start with R to describe a person include:
  • Radiant.
  • Red.
  • Rich.
  • Rude.
  • Ruthless.
  • Regular.
  • Roiled.
  • Riled.

Rich characterized by abundance, fullness, fruitfulness or great quality; of great worth; productive; strong; intense; sumptuous; magnificent.Right in accordance with reason, truth or fact; correct; most desirable; favorable or convenient; in good physical or mental health; appropriate, proper or fitting; straight; direct.Righteous virtuous and morally upright; morally justified.Rightful proper or right; upright; good; just; legally valid.Risible provoking or arousing laughter; ludicrous; laughable.

Racy having characteristic quality or taste; vigorous; lively.Rad excellent; wonderful.Radiant emanating great love, joy, happiness or health; emitting light or heat; bright.Rapid very quick or swift; advancing with speed or haste.Rapturous filled with great joy or delight; ecstatic; ravishing.Rational exercising or having the ability to reason; sane; logically sound.Razor-sharp extremely sharp; quick-witted or very clever.

Reachable accessible; capable of being easily reached or approached.Ready prepared, available, likely or about to do something; willing.Real actual and true; occurring or being in actuality or fact; genuine; authentic; free of falsehood or pretense.Realistic relating to the realism or realists; aware of things as they really are.Realizable capable of existing, realized or achieved.Reasonable rational; logical; fair; just; satisfactory.Reassuring relieving anxiety and restoring confidence; causing comfort.Receptive willing or ready to receive favorably.Recherche exquisite; lavishly elegant; exotic.Recipient receptive; receiving.Reciprocal interchanged or interchanging; mutual.Recognizable capable or being recognized or easily perceived.Recognized notable; honored; generally approved.Recommendable worthy of praise or to be recommended; capable or suitable of being recommended.Recuperative relating to recuperation; tending to recovery (especially of health or strength); regenerative.Red-carpet characterized by special hospitality or treatment; VIP.Refined purified; polished; delicate; cultured; precise; having or showing a good taste or feelings.Reflective deeply thoughtful; capable of or creating or producing reflection.Refreshing reinvigorating someone or serving to refresh.Refulgent radiant; brilliant; shining; splendid.Regal splendid; magnificent; of or pertaining to a royalty; royal.Regnant prevalent; widespread; ruling.Regular normal, usual or customary; even, symmetrical or orderly; constant; proper; thorough; nice.Rejuvenescent becoming or become to rejuvenated; rejuvenating.Relaxed easy-going; free from tension, anxiety and strain.Relevant having a connection or bearing on with the matter at hand; current; pertinent.Reliable trustworthy; worthy of reliance or dependence.Relieved exhibiting or experiencing relief; reassured.Remarkable worthy of notice or consideration; extraordinary; conspicuous; exceptional.Remissive forgiving; remitting; abating.Renowned celebrated, well-known or famous.Reputable honorable; respected; praiseworthy; held in esteem.Resilient characterized by the ability to recover readily from misfortune, depression, adversity and the like; rebounding; elastic.Resolute firm; determined; unwavering; satisfied; sure.Resolved explained; answered; determined; firm.Resounding unmistakable; emphatic; celebrated; having a rich sound.Resourceful having the ability to find clever and quick ways to overcome difficulties; effective and imaginative.Respectable worthy of respect or high esteem; satisfactory; decent; large in quantity, amount, extent or degree.Respectful exhibiting, showing or full of respect.Resplendent splendid; brilliant; dazzling; colorful and shiny.Responsible able to be depended upon or trusted; being a source; answerable.Responsive answering; responding; replying; showing emotion.Restful tranquil; restorative; peaceful; relaxed.Restorative relating to restoration; having the power or tending to restore or give new life and vigor.Retentive having the power, quality or capacity of retaining; good at remembering facts and impressions easily.Revealing making known; showing; disclosing.Revered profoundly honored or admired.Reverent showing or feeling respect, reverence or veneration.Revitalizing tending to impart vigor or new life to.Revolutionary causing or involving a dramatic or complete change; fresh, extraordinarily good and surprising.Rewardable worthy of reward or recompense.Rewarding affording or constituting a reward; giving satisfaction or pleasure.

We hope your stroll through this list of adjectives that start with R was a rich, robust, restful, rosy and relaxing time. While there are other collections that have a longer list of R adjectives, we decided to omit those words that are very obscure or are rarely ever used, so that this would be the single best source for anyone who is looking to find a useful collection of R words to describe someone, somewhere or something. Come back and visit us often! We will be right here waiting for you.

You can describe almost anything in the world with adjectives that start with R! The letter R is a very commonly used letter in the alphabet and, as you can see below, there is no shortage of adjectives beginning with R. With this list you can describe a person, place or thing, an emotion, characteristics of a person, and more in a positive, negative or neutral manner. Many of these are R adjectives to describe a person and can be used as compliments. Of course there is much more to this collection than that. We carefully chose these descriptive words that start with R so that this would be the best, most useful list in the world. Below you will find 3 categories, which you can just to directly by clicking on them.

List of Adjectives That Start With R

It’s interesting to break down each letter of the alphabet and consider how they lend themselves to the world of adjectives. Indeed, “r” is no slouch in this department. Let’s take a look at 50 of the real winners, in alphabetical order.

Build your vocabulary by exploring some of the top adjectives that start with the letter “r.”

  • rabid – extreme; fanatical
  • radiant – emanating light or joy
  • radical – far-reaching; revolutionary
  • radioactive – emitting radiation
  • rakish – dashing, yet slightly disreputable
  • rambunctious – being wild and disorderly
  • rampant – spreading uncontrollably
  • raspy – hoarse or harsh-sounding
  • ratty – shabby or unkempt
  • raucous – loud and rowdy
  • ravenous – extremely hungry
  • ravishing – very beautiful
  • rebellious – resisting authority
  • recalcitrant – refusing to obey authority
  • recondite – a subject that is little-known
  • refreshing – stimulating or reinvigorating
  • refundable – purchaser can return and get their money back
  • relevant – something that matters in a certain context
  • reliable – good quality; able to be trusted
  • reprehensible – abhorrent, deserving of punishment
  • repugnant – unpleasant, distasteful
  • repulsive – intense distaste; disgusting
  • resilient – able to recover quickly
  • restless – unable to relax
  • rhetorical – relating to rhetoric; a question asked to produce an effect rather than to garner information
  • Move on further in the alphabet to discover 25 more adjectives that start with “r.”

  • rich – abundance; having a lot of something
  • ridiculous – absurd, ludicrous
  • rigid – inflexible, unmoving
  • rigorous – comprehensive, thorough
  • ripe – ready to harvest or eat
  • risky – dangerous; uncertain
  • robust – vigorous, strong
  • romantic – idealized perception, conveying a sense of love
  • roomy – large, sizeable; loose
  • rotund – round, spherical
  • rosy – pinkish in tint
  • rotten – spoiled, something that has gone bad
  • rough – harsh or violent; uneven or irregular
  • round – circular, spherical
  • rowdy – loud, boisterous
  • routine – ordinary, regular; repetitive
  • ruddy – reddish in color
  • rude – impolite; inappropriate
  • rudimentary – basic, low-level
  • rugged – tough; rough or uneven
  • rumpled – disheveled in appearance
  • rustic – rural, old-timey
  • rusty – out of practice; oxidized iron or steel
  • ruthless – having no pity or mercy for others
  • FAQ

    What is a good R word to describe someone?

    So, given below are the nice words that start with R to admire someone.
    • Respectful. Definition: feeling or showing deference and respect. …
    • Reliable. Definition: consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted. …
    • Reputation. …
    • Refreshing. …
    • Right. …
    • Radiant. …
    • Rich. …
    • Rapport.

    What is a good R word?

    Adjectives That Start With R To Describe A Person
    • racist.
    • rakish.
    • rambunctious.
    • rare.
    • rascally.
    • rational.
    • raucous.
    • ravishing.

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