Round Mirror Over Fireplace

Large Round Mirror with Black Frame

Round Mirror Over Fireplace

A large round mirror above the fireplace is a versatile choice that transcends different seasons and interior styles. For a more contemporary look, opt for one with a thin black frame to add contrast to a neutral-colored room.

Round Mirror Over Fireplace

Round Mirror Over Fireplace

Bring some jazz into your space by putting a round brass-framed mirror above the fireplace. This mirror’s metallic tone lends a dramatic contrast to the black shiplap walls and echoes the warmth of the mantel. Its elegant appeal makes it adaptable for different styles, whether paired with everyday or seasonal décor.

A well positioned mirror can do wonders for the home – adding light, space and interest. We are often asked for advice on choosing the right size mirror for the space. So, here are our 4 essential tips for hanging a round mirror above a fireplace.

By no means are these guidelines steadfast. There are many variations depending on whether you’re looking to make a statement with an oversize mirror or prefer hanging multiple smaller mirrors. Ultimately, it’s a case of whatever suits your style and, in most cases, you’ll have an instinct for what looks good.

Hanging a round mirror above a fireplace works well stylistically. Visually the round shape helps to break up the straight lines of the mantle, hearth and the chimney breast.

1. Allow approx 3″- 6″ of wall space between the top of the mantle and the bottom of the mirror. 2. Ideally the maximum height of the mirror frame should be at least 4″-5″ below a cornice, or 2″ below a picture rail. 3. The mirror frame should not extend beyond the end of the mantelpiece shelf. 4. The width of the mirror (the reflective part only) should be roughly the same as the width of the fireplace opening.

33 Mirror Above Fireplace Ideas for a Gorgeous Mantel

  • written by Zakhar (aka Zee)
  • Round Mirror Over Fireplace

    With the fireplace being one of the main focal points in the home, you want your mantel to be as visually captivating as possible. What better way to do this than by incorporating a mirror above the fireplace?

    A mirror serves as an ideal item on the mantel because it acts as an anchor piece that you can accentuate around with smaller accessories. The mirror’s reflective qualities can also make a space look bigger and brighter since it bounces the light coming from your light sources.

    When selecting a mirror to place above the fireplace, choose one with a size proportionate to the fireplace wall and mantel to create a sense of balance. Another consideration to keep in mind is the mirror frame. Slim frames in black, white, or metallic tones project a contemporary appeal, while arched and detailed frames exude a romantic, vintage vibe. While a large, single mirror above the fireplace can create a statement, combining a variety of mirror shapes and sizes produces a unique aesthetic.

    Here are 33 mirrors above the fireplace ideas that will inspire you to add this piece of décor to your mantel.

    Round Mirror Over Fireplace

    Elevate the dreamy appeal of your ornate fireplace by pairing it with a mirror set in a wood frame with classical moldings. The scroll-like patterns, curved silhouette, and carved details of the mirror add a romantic quality to the space, while its white frame blends perfectly into the wall.


    What is best shape mirror for above fireplace?

    Try to Find a Mirror 2/3 the Size of Your Mantel

    “The main thing to remember when placing a mirror over the fireplace is that, no matter the shape of the mirror you choose to go with, the width should at least be 2/3 of the fireplace mantel,” explains Kuo.

    Is a mirror over a fireplace a good idea?

    Circular styles look particularly stylish above a fireplace, where the curves of the mirror contrast with the straight lines of the mantel. If you’re looking to create more of a statement, choose a classic, strong rectangle that will add instant depth and interest.

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