Satchels For Stone Wall

Satchels have been used in demolition for a long time, starting in World War II where engineers used them to get past heavy stationary objects.

The same concept has been applied in Rust, and you can use it to raid buildings made by other players.

You need to know the exact amount to use so that you get the desired result. Here is an accurate answer;

You need ten satchel charges to destroy a stone wall, but satchels are unreliable in their explosion time. The same will apply to any other stone structure, including foundations, floors, stairs, wall frames, and roofs.

It takes about 30 seconds for you to craft a satchel using one small stash, one rope, and 4 Beancan grenades.

Starting from a stone wall, you require 10 Satchels to destroy the structure. If the stone wall has more foundations, you may also require more Satchels. But to break a basic Stone Wall, you can place 10 Satchels.

Satchels Needed to Destroy a Stone Wall

Satchels For Stone Wall

As mentioned, you will need a total of 10 Satchels in order to destroy a stone tier building. This includes: walls, foundations, floors, door frames, walls, stairs, rooves, wall frames, floor frames and windows. The total damage to a structure can differ depending on the number of satchels used. Here is a quick reference for the Stone Building Tier.

No. of Satchel Charges Used: HP Remaining
1 449 / 500
2 397 / 500
3 346 / 500
4 294 / 500
5 243 / 500
6 191 / 500
7 140 / 500
8 88 / 500
9 37 / 500
10 Destroyed

Do note that the exact numbers can change depending on the radius of the damage. You might even need to use more than 10 Satchels due to the high chance (20%) of some of them coming out as duds.

How many satchels do you need for a sheet metal door or garage door?

You could upgrade to a sheet metal wall to prevent players from breaking through the stone wall too quickly with tools. It takes 4 satchels to take down a sheet metal door. Alternatively, you could upgrade to a garage door that has no weak side to explosives. So how many satchels do you need for the garage door? It takes 9 satchel charges to destroy the garage door.

It is much easier to find their blueprints

It is compulsory to have a weapon’s blueprint to craft it. Finding blueprints for a rocket launcher or C-4 is difficult. On the other hand, you can discover satchel blueprints in some buildings that are easy to get to.

You can get them inside monuments like the oil rig, dome, or launch site. You can also trade some of your items with other players to get a charge for you to research.

Trading is not a good idea since most players are sneaky. More often than not, the exchange will end badly for you.

A viable option is researching a satchel for 125 scraps to minimize the risks of dealing with other players.

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