Slime Rancher Puddle Slime Largo

Slimeology: Largo Slimes are a hybrid of two slimes resulting from a slime eating a plort unlike its own. They are twice as big normal slimes and have a combined diet of their two source slimes, making them enticing for ranchers that want to maximize their profits.

Puddle Slimes will leap towards any slime toy, but their shyness cap will only be increased with the Rubber Ducky. They can be indefinitely kept on a Slime Stage to no detriment to themselves, and can be applied with Fashion Pods. Despite their diet of water, tarr can consume puddle slimes without taking damage.

A puddle slime has a shyness mechanic which stops it producing plorts – indicated by a blush – if there are more than three other slimes near it; this number is increased by one with a Rubber Ducky. In addition to this they have a plort cap of 8, which restricts how many times they will produce plorts per in-game day; if there are 9 or more plorts in the immediate area they will cease production until the current batch despawns or are removed, and will continue producing plorts again on their next “feed”.

Plortonomics: Puddle plorts are made almost entirely from an incredible hydro compound known by chemists across the galaxy as H2Ohhhhh. This compound is used to create an absurdly expensive brand of bottled drinking water that is sought after by the elite back on Earth. While some people argue that there is little difference in taste between it and tap water, those people seriously are not getting it.

Puddle Slimes are fairly unique in that they require bodies of water to survive and produce plorts. If left out of water they will despawn after approximately 30 in-game minutes, but can seek out a water source to keep hydrated if any is nearby. Once immersed in water, they will produce puddle plorts once every 6 in-game hours. Ordinarily their plorts will last 24 in-game hours, but will despawn after 30 in-game minutes if not kept in water.


Can other slimes eat puddle Plorts?

Puddle slimes won’t eat plorts and other slimes won’t eat puddle plorts either. Originally posted by Shaesi: The only things you need to know about puddle slimes: – They need a pond to live.

Can I breed puddle slimes?

Ancient Puddle Slimes can only be obtained by Slime Breeding. They can only survive in Pond modules filled with Ancient Water.

Where can I find puddle slimes?

4 – Puddle slimes now blush when they become too shy to make plorts. 0.3. 0 – Puddle Slimes receive a complete overhaul that adds behaviors to reflect their shy nature; including ceasing Plort production they are in close proximity to 3 other Slimes.

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