Slime Rancher Slime Gate

Acquiring Slime Keys in Slime Rancher means using Slime Gates. Heres how to get every single Slime Key and where to get them.

Slime Rancher presents players with a magical slime-filled world where they are able to start a ranch on an alien planet and prosper. The only problem is that the Far Far Range isnt exactly teeming at the bits to let you discover all its secrets. From the very beginning of the game, you will start to run into stone doors that keep you from progressing further into the planet.

This also means that many of the unique variety of slimes you can find are locked away until you are able to find a way to open the doors. The guide below is here to help you unlock the Far Far Range and find all the slime keys.

A slime gate is pretty easy to recognize no matter what area of the planet you are in. They are all tightly shut stone doors like shown in the picture above that the player will need to gather slime keys to open. This isnt exactly an easy task for beginners as slime keys arent just stuffed into chests or floating around in the wild. Instead, they have to be gathered from the many Gordo Slimes sprinkled around the world.

There are eight normal gates in total, along with three vaults for players to unlock. The Vaults do not lead to new lands, but instead, unlock small rooms full of treasure pods for players to open. These three vaults can be found at:

The normal gates can be found at the beginning of new areas as the player ventures forth in the world.


Plorts from six different Slimes – Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Honey, Boom, and Rad – are all required to be shot into their respective Plort Statues to open the gate. There is also a Pink Plort Statue, but it is already activated.

While it is possible to get on top of the wall with the Jetpack, there is a force field above it preventing players from progressing in this manner without opening the gate properly.

This cave is located on the top of a mountain with some wooden fences along the path. A ramp-like path will be located behind the fence with some green crystals. Enter the cave to find a door. This door can only be unlocked with a Slime Key. Unlock the door and enter the area.

You will see a stone platform there. Simply jump on it and you will find the statue there. Insert the Tabby plort in it.

The Rock Statue When you enter the area and you turn right, you will see the Rock Statue sitting in front of the gate. Insert the Rock plort in it.

How to Open the Ancient Ruins Gate Now that you have opened the area, your next step is to collect six different types of plorts and insert them in their respective statues to gain access to the Ancient Ruins Gate.

In this Slime Rancher Ancient Ruins Gate Guide, we discuss the locations of all the statues present within the area, and the plorts required to unlock each and every one of them.

Honey Gordo – The Moss Blanket

  • 50 Fruit or 25 Mink Mangos
  • FAQ

    Where is the gate in slime rancher?

    Plorts from six different Slimes – Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Honey, Boom, and Rad – are all required to be shot into their respective Plort Statues to open the gate.

    Where is the slime gate to the glass desert?

    Slime Gates are large stone doors found dotted around the Far, Far Range which block access to areas containing new Slimes, Food and Slime Science Resources. There are 8 standard gates, plus 3 Vault gates which can only be accessed after viewing the credits, totaling 11 gates.

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